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If your business has a product or service aimed at specific demographics, then a customized targeted mailing list can provide you with one of the best sources of responsive, ready-to-buy leads available. Direct mail marketing has long been a highly-effective staple of marketing campaigns and, with the extremely accurate and detailed demographic targeting options now available through specialty mailing lists, an affordable and profitable direct mail campaign is within any business’ reach.

Customizing and targeting your mailing list

Bluegrass Integrated Communications has access to a wide variety of detailed and targeted consumer and business mailing lists, compiled according to many different demographic criteria. This information allows you to both target only those who are likely to be interested in your offer and to craft your direct mail campaign to speak directly to their needs, preferences and situation. If you wish to affordably promote an offer with a wide general appeal, you can use a specialty mailing list comprised only of those who have responded to other direct mail campaigns vastly increasing the likelihood of leads and sales from your campaign.

Your specialty mailing list can be very specifically targeted or have a slightly broader, but still relevant, reach. For instance, you could acquire a custom direct mail mailing list based on a certain hobby or interest, or you could choose to populate your specialty mailing list with mortgage-free homeowners. The high level of consumer insight and flexible targeting options available also allows you to test your offer on different demographics, helping inform your wider marketing campaign and saving you time and money.


Bluegrass compiles specialty consumer mailing lists from a range of detailed demographic data, both public and commissioned. You can build your list around homeowners or renters, previous direct mail responders, relationship status, children present, estimated household income, mortgage information, and many more pieces of detailed and significant demographic data.


If your direct mail campaign is targeting a specific type of business, we can provide specialty business mailing lists based on a range of accurate data including business type and industry, number of employees, annual revenue, trade show attendance and much more.


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