Data Processing and Management

Whatever the need, we’ve got you covered

For projects big and small, simple and complex, our staff has the knowledge and expertise to process and manage your mailing list. Here at Bluegrass, we can process large volumes of information to save you time and money. Our programmers can extract information from various sources and the integration of multiple or unrelated sets can be done in a timely manner. We can change the format of your mailing list and separate different fields. Whatever your data processing needs may be, we can work together to get it done.

Converting Data

Whatever format your files may be in, our specialists can work with you to convert them into a format that will work for your project. Files can be sent to us through FTP, email, or other media. We can then index and archive these files. By key coding them, we can keep track of which ones came from which format. We can then convert them into whatever format will work best for the job. Doing this makes the file accessible to different people and organizations. Each of these organizations may have a different need for the data and these conversions allow for this. Not only are the conversions done efficiently and accurately, they are done in a confidential manner.

Mailing List Updates

Mailing list updates will help keep your mailing list fresh and effective. A person or company at a specific location today may be gone tomorrow. An individual within a company who is responsible for buying goods or services today is replaced with someone new. In households, 15-20% of the population moves annually. In addition to contacts or addresses changing, you may have incorrect or incomplete address records that are undeliverable. If you have a mailing list, in most cases it is your most important marketing tool and you need to have a plan to keep your lists updated and correct.

List Suppression

List suppression can be described as removing unwanted names, non-responsive names, current donors, or customers from upcoming communications or promotions. There are many methods of list suppression. Some examples include: deceased master file suppression, prison suppression, nursing home suppression, college address suppression, military zip code suppression, removing “Do Not Mail” records, and many more. This ensures that no piece of mail is wasted, and therefore, your money is spent wisely.

Word Processing

Although word processing may seem like a simple task, you can save time and money by allowing our data specialists at Bluegrass to simplify your word processing. We can increase productivity and improve document consistency using a quick and efficient automated system. We can edit, store, revise, or record letters, reports, newsletters, and reports. Using our highly skilled data specialists, we can produce a large number of customized documents in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Custom Programming

Our data center handles a very diverse group of data and word processing projects. Many of our programs are formulated, designed, written and processed by our staff. We are adept at web-based, email, network and stand-alone projects. Our clients include government, corporate and nonprofit organizations. Some of our projects include mail, email, web tracking, retail redemption tracking, fundraising response tracking and historical data capture. Also included are database creation and enhancement, database management programs, prospect marketing testing, and response tracking. We can also program data and word entry programs.


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