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DIRECT MAIL: The most trusted delivery channel for your campaign’s messaging PLUS the added punch of our omnichannel reach!

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Direct Mail 

Direct Mail 

Introduce yourself and your platform to constituents. Direct mail is a great tool for getting your candidates' name out to voters. This proven, tangible method can be personalized to each recipient using Variable Data Printing. Help your candidates stand out from competition in the mailbox by using an oversized postcard.

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Social Media

Social Media

Add to your campaign with a social media presence. It is crucial to reach voters where they are. We can help you set up a social media ad campaign from design to execution across Facebook and Instagram.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Engage with your supporters and attract new ones with digital marketing. The political landscape has been forever changed by digitization; from the way voters receive and interact with messages to the way campaigns are run. We can create a plan that will cut through the digital clutter so your name and message will be remembered.

Get the
Right Message
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Right Voters!

The political season is in full swing and we have the expertise and tools you need to drive action to the polls.







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Landing Pages  

Landing Pages

A landing page serves as a central location as a collection of everything your campaign represents. All marketing efforts can lead voters to your page for trusted and timely information. We can set up and monitor a single landing page for you that will establish a solid online presence.

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Campaign Materials

Campaign Materials

Support your campaign with coordinated materials. Yard signs, rack cards, business cards, door hangers, buttons… the list goes on and on. We can affordably design and print materials needed to enhance your campaign. Rest assured these high-quality products will draw attention from constituents.

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Voter Data

Voter Data

Accurate information will drive your campaigns. Whether you want to use your voter data for historical information, householding or walking lists, we can provide you with additional information on voters in your precinct. Overlay your data with other mailing lists for a more complete demographic profile.

Our Reliable 4-Step Plan:



Intelligent targeting means doing more with less. Voter data and existing donor lists are a great place to start to determine audiences for future outreach efforts.

Voter Data: Your voter data can be overlaid against our mailing lists to provide an enhanced view of the demographic profile of your constituents. This ensures targeted communication and allows segmentation of your audience.

Social Media: Reach your specified audience or target new audiences by geographic or demographic profiles. Communicate with voters where they are on social through a page or ads on Facebook or Instagram.



Whether you are fundraising or campaigning, we make it easy to grow your audience and reach a larger base than ever before.

Direct Mail: Send a series of direct mail pieces to voters to share your platform and gain support.

Social Media: Use Facebook and Instagram ads to reach designated audiences, sharing your platform and donation page.

Digital Marketing: Keep a consistent message in front of voters everywhere they go online.



Getting your messages out is crucial. Speak across channels to reach the voters where they are with messages that matter to them.

Direct Mail: Respond to voter concerns or support by addressing issues with a responsive direct mail piece.

Social Media: Engage with constituents by interacting on the campaign accounts. Thank supporters, address any questions or concerns.

Digital Marketing: Keep your message in front of voters and provide a way for them to be involved – perhaps a button with a call to donate or share.

Campaign Materials: Produce promotional campaign materials to increase your campaign awareness: door hangers, yard signs, buttons, and stickers – we can do it all.


Stay Connected

Staying active with supporters across multiple channels builds a connection voters will remember as they go to vote.

Direct Mail/Social Media/Digital Marketing: Update constituents and encourage voting through direct mail, digital marketing, and the use of Facebook/Instagram ads combined with organic posts.