Make the most out of the situation

The cost of processing monthly bills, statements and invoices is seen by many companies as an unavoidable cost. Transpromo can help offset this. With the clever use of some new technology, Bluegrass Transactional can make this an opportunity to create interest in your products or services and actually generate extra revenue.

How transpromo works

Every printed bill or statement has some extra white space on it. This is usually down near where the invoice total is. We know from studies that over 90% of your customers look at that number. When over 90% of your customers look at something, it just makes sense to take that opportunity to talk to them. Why not print an offer that highlights your product or service? And, since you know who the statement is going to, we can pull information from your database and print a custom tailored message specifically to them. This is called Transpromo, or Transactional Promotion.

It doesn’t have to be all about you

Some of our customers use this white space to cross-promote other businesses (think car dealerships and car washes). Some even feature nonprofit organizations they work with.

The technology

As each individual statement or invoice is processed and spooled for printing (in color and/or grayscale), our Transpromo software searches for, identifies and then calculates the dimensions of blank space in each document, determining if and where promotional content can be placed, and what promotion(s) to place. Then, as each unique document is printed, the selected Transpromo advertisements or notices are sized and printed in the available and appropriate space(s).

Why does Transpromo work?

The short answer is because your customer sees it and it’s relevant to them. Invoices and statements receive more intense and prolonged scrutiny than any other form of business-generated communication. These documents are anticipated, more than 90% of all statements and invoices are opened and read closely each month and often immediately upon receipt. They are often viewed multiple times during the life of the document. This is a great opportunity to communicate to your customer.

Statements and invoices from trusted companies and organizations are perceived to be trustworthy. Statements and invoices are predominantly sent to current customers. Research demonstrates that current customers are more inclined than non-customers to do business with you again. Your unique, customer-specific database can be used to target and personalize custom promotions to each customer within their statement or invoice.


Documents within the same print run do not have to contain a uniform number of pages. Some may be single-page documents, while others may contain multiple pages. The actual per-page printing cost is the same with or without Transpromo, because the content is printed in blank areas only on pages that already include printed statements or invoice content.

You are in good company:

Over 3,400 happy customers.