Targeted Direct Mail Hits The Mark

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Our clients are sharp marketers. Many collect information about their customers, from demographics to purchasing habits, and they use this information to create direct mail that is targeted to the individual clients and their interests.


Chain knows customers’ pizza preferences

One example is a pizza chain that seems to know everything about its customers’ pizza preferences — what they order, when they order, when they last ordered. When you are marketing to customers, the more you know the more relevant you can make your marketing messages. A customer who always orders pepperoni with extra cheese will likely get a post card with a picture of just that pizza pie. If the customer hasn’t been in for a while, the post card might include a message from the manager of their favorite location, saying, “We’ve missed you!”

Discounts bring customers back

To bring that valued customer back, the direct mail piece might include a discount on the next pizza the customer orders. Several strategies are at play here. For one, the direct mail serves to reinforce a valuable relationship. Marketing experts’ opinions vary, but most agree that it costs less to keep a customer than to win over a new one. Some put the cost of a new customer at five to seven times the cost of retaining a current customer.

Redemption tracks direct mail’s impact

The piece also drives sales, by offering a value. Surveys show that people like getting discount offers in the mail, and often redeem them. And, because redemption of a coupon is involved, the pizza chain can track the impact of its direct mail campaign.


Sawyier Phillips

June 30, 2014

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