Miles Woodrum


Account Executive

Get to Know Miles Woodrum

What is your favorite part of working at Bluegrass?

Easy. No day is ever the same. The fact that Bluegrass is modular in its approach for all projects big and small keeps my day from ever being dull. We cater to a wide range of clientele and having some insight into their world is both interesting and aids to develop a wider appreciation for some of the unsung heroes in many industries.

What is a little known fact about you?

I’ve been a DJ at a local radio station (88.1 FM WRFL). I’ve fallen into some range of vegetarianism since 2005. I grow my own tomatoes. I’ve driven my Subaru over 300,000 miles. I’d someday like to live “off the grid.”

What is an accomplishment you’re proud of?

I can pat my belly and rub my head (at the same time).

When people ask what you do, how do you respond?

I file a lot of paperwork.

Why do you think clients should choose to work with Bluegrass?

Perhaps it’s Bluegrass’ local rapport or how it’s approaching 50 years in business, but Bluegrass prides itself in customer-oriented services that are always evolving. There isn’t always one way to find a solution, and fortunately, Bluegrass is full of critical thinkers and optimistic problem solvers. I’ve found this to not only be reassuring and beneficial to our clients, but it’s also reflective of a positive work environment that’s also hopefully contagious with those who choose to broker business with Bluegrass.