Benefits of a Landing Page for Marketing Campaigns

Benefits of a Landing Page for Marketing Campaigns

Your website is where your customers can find everything they need to know about your business. However, your website is a wide view of what you offer. It’s great for communicating in broad strokes and providing additional information to curious prospects. But when it comes to more targeted communications, your website may not be the best fit. So, what should you do about specific marketing campaigns and promotions?

I steer clients away from using only their homepage and forcing it to be a communications catch-all. There is something to be said for information overload after all. That’s the beauty of a landing page. To put it simply, a homepage is for empowering a visitor while a landing page is for persuading. Upon visiting your website’s homepage, your user needs to know several key points, ease of navigation is one (P.S. check out our blog on building the perfect homepage for more).

The truth is, if you’re not using landing pages to market and promote your business, then you’re only working with one-half of the puzzle. There are many benefits of a landing page that a homepage simply can’t provide.

There are generally two meanings for landing pages. The first is how Google Ads and Analytics refer to landing pages, any destination page. By that definition, any page on your website can be considered a landing page. The second definition refers to webpages designed with a specific campaign or conversion goal in mind, which does not include website navigation and is ideally only accessible within its campaign. For the purposes of this piece, we are referring to the second definition of landing pages.

Landing Pages Provide Additional Information on Your Promotion

The best promotions tend to be short and sweet; they hook your customers, give them the lowdown, and entice them to investigate further. However, you need to have something of substance should a potential customer bite. Landing pages provide a space to share additional information with your prospects.

Your Canvas is Open-Ended

There’s only so much a mailer will allow, whether we’re talking the expense of printing them or the physical real estate on the mail piece itself. However, once your customers are online you can build your customer experience into something much larger. Whether you expand your promotion into a video-driven experience showcasing your offer or story, or simply expound on the fine print attached to your promotion you are not subject to the physical and technical restrictions of ink and paper.

Everything is a Click Away

Once your customer is on your landing page, it’s effortless to lead them to additional resources and targeted information. Your landing page could be unique to a set demographic, giving you the ability to establish a dynamic, multi-pronged promotion that is tailored to your varied customer base.

There’s a Plug-in for That

Let’s say You’re a nonprofit. You have mailed out your semi-annual newsletter to your donors as a part of your donor retention efforts. It arrives in their mailbox, they read it, and at the end, there’s a QR code they can scan to read more or donate. From there, they’re taken to your landing page with an easy, one-click donation link. Compare that to the traditional way of including a self-addressed, stamped envelope, which you hope they pull out, stuff a check inside, and mail back to you. Which scenario do you think is a simpler process for recipients? This is just one example of how a landing page can help achieve your ultimate goal more easily.

Landing Pages Share Another Way to Connect or Respond

Maybe your customer or client isn’t quite hooked by your mailer but they’ve become interested. On the mailer, you’ve put an URL and perhaps a QR code. Once they’ve hit on your landing page they’ve decided they like what they see and they’re reading to give you a shout-out.

You’re limited with how a person can interact with your physical mailer. However, once you’ve put them on a digital pathway they are just a click away from an email, phone call, or even a tweet. If you look at your marketing campaign as a “customer’s journey”, then think of your direct mail component as traveling on a lazy river; it’ll get you somewhere, but it might meander a bit. However, once they hop off that ride and find your digital campaign, they’re on a commercial jet that’ll take them directly to wherever they need to go, with a direct line to the pilot.

They Give a “Retargeting” Opportunity

Not every customer is ready to buy from you the first time they find you (in fact, 97% aren’t). If your business model relies on a steady stream of impulse buys, then you might find yourself struggling with the long-term sustainability of that strategy particularly if you are not re-engaging potential customers.. For the rest of us, enticing our customers is a process. That’s where the concept of retargeting comes in.

Digital Retargeting

In most cases, a customer might look at what you offer, like it, but leave your website because they aren’t fully committed to purchasing; think of it as the digital version of window shopping. However, digital retargeting uses commonplace website tracking to understand what attracted that customer in the first place and entice them with it further down the line on other websites or through social media.

Here’s a great example I give clients; a customer receives an email for a 20% off promotion. They click the coupon button, go to a landing page, browse your inventory, and maybe even put something in their cart before leaving your website for good. Two days later they’re browsing Instagram and, lo and behold, the thing item put in their cart is now featured in a stylish Instagram ad. Is it serendipity? Or just clever marketing? That is the beauty of retargeting. It takes an average of 6-8 touches for a purchase to be made.

Postal Retargeting

A digital ad is one thing, but what if I told you we could take retargeting further and actually send a postcard and/or coupon through the mail to target an individual that visited your landing page? It might sound like science fiction, but it’s an accessible and a clever tactic for bolstering your customers’ interests in your business.

Let’s say you have a landing page visitor who shows interest. They visit your landing page, take a look at your products or content, and then disappear from your website without converting. However, thanks to state-of-the-art digital tracking you can match a mailing address to the tracking data provided by your site. From there, you mail out a postcard inviting them back to your store and it comes with a 25% discount instead of your usual 20%. To your customer, it might seem like magic. To you, it’s just another level of your marketing campaign.

Landing Pages Are Small but Mighty

Never has a single page done more for you than a landing page. Thanks to the internet, it can look pretty much however you want it to look. It can be distinct and colorful, straight-to-the-point, interactive, artistic, or whatever else it needs to be to get the attention of your audience. Most of all, it holds the entire power of the digital experience behind its veneer. It’s a powerhouse. It’s what you need for your next campaign.

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