Custom Postcards

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Postcards from We Are Blue Grass

In the era of technology it can be tough to grab attention amidst a flood of messages. Yet old school marketing methods, like personalized postcards are experiencing a resurgence. We at Blue Grass pride ourselves, on providing high quality custom postcard services that enable businesses to engage with their target audience in an lasting manner. Rating custom postcards at We Are Blue Grass is an easy and rewarding experience.

Custom Postcard Printing for Every Occasion

At We Are Blue Grass we focus on top notch postcard printing customized to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer an UV coating, for a look or a matte finish for a more understated feel we offer a range of coating choices to make your postcards truly shine. Select, from gold foil accents for a touch of sophistication. Go for full color printing to bring out the best in your designs. Our postcards are printed on cardstock. Come in different sizes to meet all your needs.

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Your Own Postcard Design with Ease

Designing your personalized postcards has become incredibly simple. Our user friendly design tool enables you to upload your graphics, logos and pictures guaranteeing that every element is just right. If you're seeking ideas, our diverse selection of templates can jumpstart your design journey. Additionally we provide the assistance of designers, for those aiming for a finish. Make sure your designs align seamlessly with our specifications, for zones and file formats. At We Are Blue Grass, we specialize in creating custom photo postcards that capture your most cherished memories with stunning clarity and vibrant colors.

Direct Mail Services to Reach Your Audience

Expand your reach with our all direct mail solutions. We handle all aspects from printing to delivery ensuring your postcards reach their destination promptly. Our mailing services offer choices, for discounted bulk postage rates. Ensuring compliance with guidelines, for your postcards. Whether you're sending out invites, promotional content or company updates our service ensures that your message reaches its intended recipients. With a variety of options for sizes, finishes, and coatings, we guarantee that your custom postcards will stand out and make a lasting impression on your recipients.

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High Gloss, Matte, and More: Coating Options to Suit Your Style

At We Are Blue Grass, we understand that every postcard project is unique. That’s why we offer a range of coating options, including high gloss, uncoated, and even velvet finishes. Our high gloss coating provides a vibrant, glossy finish that’s a customer favorite for its rich look and feel.

For a more refined appearance, our matte and velvet coatings offer a sophisticated touch. Whatever your preference, we ensure a high-quality finish that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you're looking to send a heartfelt message, our custom thank you postcards are the perfect way to express your gratitude with a personal touch.

Create High-Quality, Customizable Postcards with Vibrant Colors

At We Are Blue Grass, we offer a seamless process to create high-quality postcards tailored to your unique needs. With our online design tool, you can easily bring your own postcards design to life, whether you’re a professional designer or a novice. Our postcard design options include popular postcards size such as 5.5 x 8.5, providing the perfect canvas for your creativity. our platform ensures your custom postcards are tailored to your exact specifications.

Choose from our range of 14 pt paper options, which are designed to ensure durability and a premium feel for postcard dimensions. Our high gloss UV coating enhances vibrant colors, making your postcards stand out with a striking, glossy finish. For those who prefer to start from scratch, our platform supports own design uploads, giving you full control over your artwork.

We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products to our customers, which is why every step of our print process is optimized to achieve the best results. Whether you’re designing for personal use or business purposes, We Are Blue Grass is here to help you create customizable postcards that leave a lasting impression.

The Power of Custom Postcards

Sending customized postcards provides a special mix of style and substance. Unlike emails that can often get lost in overflowing inboxes, postcards offer a physical and visually attractive means to engage with customers. With our easy-to-use online design tool, you can create custom photo postcards, custom thank you postcards, and custom printed postcards that truly reflect your unique style and message. They serve various functions, including:


Share exciting news, such as product launches or company events.


Offer special discounts, deals, and seasonal promotions.

Customer Engagement

Send personalized messages to thank customers or invite them to exclusive events.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Reach a targeted audience with customized messages that resonate.

Why Choose We Are Blue Grass for Custom Postcards?

1. Expert Design Services

Our team of skilled designers works closely with clients to create visually stunning postcards that capture the essence of your brand. Whether you have a clear vision or need creative guidance, we ensure your postcards make a lasting impression.

2. High-Quality Printing

We use state-of-the-art printing technology to produce postcards with vibrant colors and crisp details. Our high-quality cardstock options ensure durability and a premium feel, making your postcards stand out.

3. Customization Options

We offer a wide range of customization options including various sizes, finishes, and paper types. From glossy to matte finishes, you can choose the style that best fits your message and brand image.

4. Personalization

Personalization is key to effective marketing. We help you tailor each postcard with individual names, messages, and offers to create a personalized experience for each recipient.

5. Efficient Distribution

Our streamlined distribution services ensure your postcards are delivered on time and to the right audience. We handle everything from printing to mailing, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

6. Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide competitive pricing and flexible packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to offer cost-effective solutions that maximize your return on investment.

Getting Started

Launching your custom postcard campaign with We Are Blue Grass is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Consultation: Contact us to discuss your goals and requirements.

  2. Design: Work with our design team to create your custom postcard.

  3. Approval: Review and approve the design before printing.

  4. Production: We print your postcards using high-quality materials.

  5. Distribution: We handle the mailing to ensure timely delivery.

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Personalized postcards provide a special chance for companies to create a lasting impression. Choosing We Are Blue Grass goes beyond simply getting a postcard. From start to finish, our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality custom photo postcards, ensuring that your recipients are impressed and delighted with every delivery. It involves a customized marketing strategy designed to fit your requirements. Let us assist in enhancing your brand and engaging with your target market in ways that online communication cannot replicate. For businesses and personal events alike, our custom printed postcards offer a professional yet personalized solution for all your mailing needs.

For more information or to start your custom postcard campaign, visit our website or contact our team today.