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The Equipment


Direct Mail

A trusted tool with real power.
Direct mail is a great prospecting tool to drive membership. With access to unique mailing lists, Bluegrass can target any demographic or geographic audience you want.

Prospect new customers through targeted mailings. You tell us who you want to reach, and we'll pull the right mailing list. Our in-house team will design, print, process and mail your piece.



Make Your Business Visible.

Business Cards: Put a name with a face when meeting potential new customers. A professional, well-designed business card goes a long way. And our printing rates are competitive with prices as low as 1 cent per card.

Door Hangers: If you're canvasing the area, door hangers are a great way to get the attention of customers. Leave an impression and your contact information to drive leads.


Landing Page Design

Build a landing page that
brings you results.

Our in-house digital team can design a unique page to help you stand out in today’s market. We can also optimize your page as a scheduling tool for group classes and to collect payments for new memberships.



A little effort for big gains.
Having a Facebook page and Twitter account doesn’t mean you have a social media strategy. Each platform serves its own purpose, so make sure your posts are platform appropriate. Targeted ads fit any budget and reach the right audience.



Build stronger relationships.
From a simple monthly newsletter to automated personal messages such confirming their spot in a group fitness class. or letting them know you miss seeing them. Better yet, step your game up with a loyalty program.

Training Plan


January is the perfect time to drive new membership for your business as anyone in the industry can tell you. But what are you doing to stand out from your competition and cut through the noise?


Once your members are through your doors, what are you doing to keep them excited about coming back? Targeted promotions, giveaways and bring-a-friend campaigns work great.


Keeping a member is easier and cheaper than acquiring a new one, but too many gyms forget this crucial step. Personalized communications and loyalty programs keep them coming back for more.

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You tell your members not to wait until tomorrow to get started, so get started with us today.

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