Shopping Cart Integration Mechanizes Fulfillment

Shopping Cart Integration Mechanizes Fulfillment

Businesses that sell or distribute products might find some relief from the labor shortage by using shopping cart integration. It is a system that combines online shopping carts with fulfillment software to create a system that handles all of these business functions:

  • Orders
  • Billing (when applicable)
  • Payment (when applicable)
  • Inventory
  • Shipping—records and costs
  • Communication with customers
  • Communications within the company

Tailored to meet your needs

Bluegrass Integrated Communications has set up many shopping cart integration systems for clients. Because each is tailored to the particular client’s needs, we spend a good amount of time at the beginning of the process, meeting with clients to learn what they need, setting up and testing the system and making tweaks and adjustments to it.

This initial setup period is the most challenging thing about shopping cart integration and it really isn’t all that much trouble. Especially when you calculate the time saved in the long run. After set up is complete, the system mechanizes 80 percent of the functions that were once handled by staff.

We treat your business like our own

Our clients also find that having Bluegrass Integrated Communications on board is sort of like having another professional staff member. Our team asks a lot of questions and offers a lot of advice. We’ve helped our clients save money in a number of ways.

For example, if a company is selling products online, Bluegrass Integrated Communications can help them evaluate their shipping and handling fees to ensure they aren’t losing money on those. We often find that retailers fail to factor in the fees they pay on credit card purchases. We can look at these numbers and help them establish shipping and handling charges that will cover those fees. We also like to evaluate shipping options–we work with all major shipping companies and can often negotiate better rates for our clients.

What our clients are shipping and how they are shipping these products is also of interest to Bluegrass Integrated Communications. We can suggest simple changes in packaging or packing that will save money by decreasing shipping costs or providing better protection to the product.

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