5 Ways To Be A Better Fundraiser To Your Donors

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Believe it or not, your donors receive more than just your fundraising appeals.

better fundraiser to your donors
Stand out from the crowd with these donor best practices.

1. Bring donors in for a landing.

When you kick off a special campaign, create a landing page tied to it. This landing page, separate from your website, will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign because your donors will go to the landing page address that they receive in your direct mail or in email.

2. Personalization goes beyond first names.

Personalizing your fundraising campaign means more than calling a donor by name. One of our clients is raising money for continuing education programs for schoolteachers. It is appealing to retired teachers, a group that will definitely understand the benefits of continuing education. Another has donor cards aimed at higher-dollar supporters. The suggested gift amounts on this card are substantially higher than for its average donors.

3. Collect email addresses.

Millennials, ages 18-34, are now the largest generation in the United States. These young Americans are all thumbs—they manage every aspect of their lives through their smartphones or tablets. They are also community-minded, the perfect people to support nonprofit causes they believe in. They are the reason email addresses should be collected at every opportunity. Online connections are critical for gaining this generation’s support.

4. Do what your donors ask.

When a donor makes the effort to let you know they don’t want you to send them certain mailings or that they prefer to not be called during annual fundraising campaigns, honor their requests. Send a letter to let them know their request was heard and acted upon.

5. Remember what Mom said. Always say thanks!

If you think you’ve said thank you enough, say it one more time. As Mom always said, you can’t say thank you enough. And have fun saying it. A phone call is the most personal; a hand-written card is most memorable; a form letter, well-written and sincere, is greatly appreciated.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

October 12, 2015

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