Communication Is Key To Keep Donors

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Most of the 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States aren’t in touch with their donors as often as they should be.

Sometimes the reason is a limited budget; sometimes it is a lack of staff and time. Studies show that when nonprofits fail to build relationships with donors, they are more likely to lose them. In the process, they lose money.

So, treat your donors like you treat your best friends. Reach out to them often, in different ways. Call them. Send them an email. Post their picture on Facebook. Send them a card at Christmas and on their birthday. Visit with them in person.

Here are a few simple principles to keep in mind as you keep in touch with donors:

Talk often

Communication is a most during those first few months after a donation is made. A thank you, a phone call, and a success story to show the impact of the gift show donors you value them and their gift.

Reach out in many ways

Think Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Then add Spaceships, Speedboats and Shetland ponies. Send them newsletters, in print and online. Send out direct mail like letters and brochures. Email updates. Give them a call by phone. Hold special events or include donors in your regular events.

Make it all about them

Talk about your donors and what they are doing to improve their organization. Make the connection between their gift and the work of your nonprofit. Always communicate how their donation is being used.

Thank them in memorable ways
Whether it is a reception for donors or a hand-written note from a board member, make your thank yous genuine and memorable. Donors want a “Thank you” that is sincere, timely and tells how their money is being used.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

May 25, 2015

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