Three Ways To Treat Your High-Dollar Donors Special

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It is wise to stay in touch with your high-dollar donors.

Frequent communication with them, beyond requests for donations, show that your organization values and appreciates their support. There are many ways to reach out and remind high-dollar donors that they matter. Here are a few ideas.

1. A simple gift

The best gift for a donor is simple, inexpensive and somehow tied to your organization. Do you have logoed license plates, bumper stickers, coffee mugs or other marketing materials that allow donors to “advertise” their support? People who have received such gifts tend to use them: They keep that coffee mug on their desk, wear the T-shirt you sent until it has holes in it and pull out that logoed umbrella on a rainy day. Simple gifts remind them of your organization and also let others know that the donor is among your supporters.

2. A creative greeting card

Find a holiday that is tied to your organization and then design and send a greeting card to tell your high-dollar donors of the occasion. If your nonprofit supports community gardens, mail a colorful card to mark the April 5 birthday of W. Atlee Burpee, who, at age 18, founded Burpee’s Seed Co. If your cause supports literacy, create a card with a poem written by a youngster in one of your programs and send it to donors for Poetry Day on October 2.

3. A special inviation

Is your organization having a guest lecture that your donors would like to hear? Mail them a special invitation that includes a meet and greet with the speaker. If the speaker has a book, mail your high-dollar donors a signed copy after the lecture. If your nonprofit sends children to summer camp, invite your high-end donors to the end-of-camp picnic and have them sit with the campers. If your nonprofit sponsors athletic competitions for mentally-challenged adults, invite a well-known coach to speak to teams after a game. Invite donors to attend the game and to hear the speaker.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

December 1, 2014

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