Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

What is EBPP?

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment or EBPP is a process a lot of big companies use to deliver “paperless bills“. By allowing your customers to “opt-in” to receiving electronic statments, you reduce costs, give a better customer experience and in many cases get paid faster. In the past, the opt-in/opt-out process needed to be managed as an IT project, making it available only to large businesses. But, we’ve invested in technology and have developed the skills to set you up and handle all the details. We can manage your customer list and send out your customers’ desired form of communication, electronic or paper as your customer chooses.

One system for everything

Bluegrass Transactional’s EBPP service is an all-in-one solution that allows your company to present your statements and bills electronically to your customers and collect payment online. Your customers can check out their statement and payment history, receive electronic statements and email notifications, make payments and look at their account information online anytime.

Speeding up cash flow

As you know, cash flow is very important when you run a business, so naturally it is in a company’s best interest to collect receivables quickly and efficiently. By quickly turning sales into cash, your company can use that money to buy new equipment, hire new people and expand your business.

Benefits of Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

There are many benefits to offering your customers the option of receiving their bills electronically. One of these benefits is the ability to keep your payment doors open 24/7 by allowing customers to access their accounts and make payments online. You will also reduce costs associated with traditional print and mail statement production that can range from $.30 to $.50 per statement. Electronic billing eliminates manual payment processing that banks charge for processing and posting payments. The best reason of all: you will get paid quicker by reducing turnaround time from 60 days to less than 30 days.


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