4 Ways Direct Mail Can Build Sales

4 Ways Direct Mail Can Build Sales

Direct mail is sometimes like an over-the-top salesman dressed in plaid pants and a polka-dot bow tie. With big type and bold colors, it shouts, “BIG SALE! BUY NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER!”

But direct mail doesn’t have to be so, um, direct. Direct mail can be just as effective when it acts more like your favorite schoolteacher, instructing, enlightening and effectively teaching your customers and clients about your company and its products.

Show how you can be of service

You are a veterinarian, with a thriving practice, but are you sure your clients are aware of all of the services your practice offers? It is possible that they don’t realize you also board and groom dogs, make house calls or offer discounts on the care of pets who were adopted from the local shelter. A direct mail campaign can build awareness, and in the process, increase your business.

Make a big deal about anything new or different

Suppose your company just opened a new, larger production facility. What does that move mean to your B2B customers? Will your production increase? Will you hire more employees? Will you expand your product line? Will shipping improve? Direct mail is a great way to inform your customers of the upsides of your move.

Or, perhaps your medical practice recently invested in equipment that allows it to do tests that previously had to be done at the local hospital. Use direct mail to tell current and prospective patients about this improvement.

Eliminate confusion; clear up misconceptions

Education can convince consumers to make changes. Online banking and bill pay are great examples. By explaining how the process works, how it is beneficial to customers and the security measures that are in place, banks and companies can convince customers to sign up. Direct mail is a great way to deliver that educational information.

Share your good works

Many companies do good quietly in their community and the larger world. But if your company is giving a percentage of sales to the local food bank or raising thousands for the Salvation Army through your employees’ bell-ringing efforts, why wouldn’t you want others to know, especially your customers or potential customers? People naturally gravitate toward companies that show they care about more than the bottom line. A direct mail campaign that describes your company’s charitable efforts builds sales, pride and a positive image for your company.

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