Fundraising Tip #2: Make Sure Your Appeal Is Appealing

Fundraising Tip #2: Make Sure Your Appeal Is Appealing

Failing to “make the ask” is a common pitfall that affects far too many nonprofits. It’s hard to believe that it happens so often. Cards and letters that get so wrapped up in pulling your heartstrings that they fail to convince people to pull out their wallets.

Finding the right balance between head and heart is a very unique skill. You should consider working with a partner that takes pride in helping you communicate your message effectively. It is where a partnership with a strong professional pays its biggest dividends.

No one believes more strongly in your cause than you do. Your passion is one of the things that makes your organization successful. But passion alone is not enough. Combining your passion with strong skills and experience is a powerful combination.

You don’t have to be the loudest instrument in the orchestra to be heard.

Sometimes passion can even get in the way of an effective message if you are playing the violin in a world full of trumpets. You will never be able to play loud enough to be heard unless all of the instruments are brought together to strike a single coordinated chord..

Believe it or not, variable data printing (VDP) even plays a role in message development. Don’t let the word printing fool you. VDP is not just about putting text and graphics and images on paper or in an email. It’s about combining the right text, graphics and images to form just the right message for just the right audience delivered at just the right time.

Work with a partner that can fully use variable data printing to identify the each person’s hot button and produce and deliver the message that pushes it.

Combining your passion with the skills and experience of a strong fundraising partner will put the entire orchestra behind you and your passion. Sweet music indeed.

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