Year-End Campaigning for Nonprofits in 2020

Year-End Campaigning for Nonprofits in 2020

It’s tough being a nonprofit right now. Many are seeing a demand for their services rise just as they are forced to cancel or reconfigure their annual year-end campaign fundraising events. If there was ever a time to reach out to donors, it is now.

The global pandemic has taught us that people need other people. Forced apart physically, we find ways to stay in touch. Just look at the huge increase in cell phone and social media use over the last few months. At the same time, people who feel fortunate-who have jobs, food, a home, their health – are looking for ways to help others.  It’s definitely a time when nonprofits can benefit from saying more rather than less. In fact, the National Council of Nonprofits recently told its members that they should make communication with boards, donors, volunteers, and other audiences a top priority.

When monies are tight and those messages need to be as effective as possible, it can be wise to work with an integrated marketing company that can cover a variety of bases. Our team can help plan, design, and deliver fundraising messages of all kinds.

What kind of strategies might we recommend? Direct mail can be very effective in times like these when people are spending more time at home. Donors will have time to sit down and read a fundraising letter or newsletter and learn how your nonprofit is faring, how it is helping others, and how they can help it do its work.

They’ll enjoy those messages even more if you include some positive news – we all need more of that right now. Success stories make donors feel good about supporting your organization and make them more likely to give again. It’s a great time to show them, with one of your success stories, just how much your nonprofit can do with that $50, $100, or $500 donation.

A direct mail concept can also be adapted for email, a web site or landing page, or social media. Or it can be combined with those marketing platforms to create a hybrid campaign – for example, a direct mail postcard that announces a virtual gala but directs recipients to a website landing page for more information and registration.

No matter what you need to communicate, sooner may be better than later this year. Perhaps the time to ask for a major gift is now when people are spending less on dining out and shopping and might have more to give.

If you’d like to talk about your year-end campaigning strategy, give us a call and we can organize a virtual meeting with our team.

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