Bad Packaging Puts Products In Peril

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Shipping isn’t for sissies, or for flimsy packages.

When your shipment leaves the warehouse, it won’t be handled with care. It will be tossed, squashed and hurled as it makes its way across the country or the world. Your packages and boxes suffer through freezing cold and broiling heat. They crumple under the pressure of heavier boxes placed on top of them. They fall off trucks.

Put it to the test

Like the automakers that use crash dummies to test the safety of the cars they build, we have a testing system for shipments we handle. It’s not terribly sophisticated or scientific, but it uses some common sense tactics and has proven effective in testing packaging for our clients’ products and materials.

Basically, we take a product to be shipped, evaluate it, come up with what we believe is the best packaging, pack it and then toss the package down a hallway.

Back to the drawing board

We figure that toss equals the abuse the package will endure en route to its destination. After a couple of tosses, we open the package to see how the product fared. If it survived our test, we can feel fairly confident it will survive the manhandling in its future. If it doesn’t, we look for ways to improve our packaging.

Packing materials are your product’s best insurance

Packaging must protect the product from damage. We first look at of-the-shelf options and usually find a standard packing material that will be effective. Doing so saves our clients money. But if needed, we can have custom packing materials designed and manufactured.

All cardboard is not created equal, so buy a better box

Cardboard all looks alike, but there are different grades. The cheaper box might not always be the best box for your product. Cheaper boxes sometimes collapse under pressure. Odds are good that your boxes won’t sit on the top of the pile and will have to withstand the weight of other packages piled on top of them. So, it is often best to buy the better box.

A minor change can be a major improvement

We know how to make minor adjustments, like changing the way a package is taped to improve the strength and durability of a package. We can often make a simple, no-cost change in packaging to better protect our clients’ product.


Sharon Vanover

December 29, 2014

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