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We often take action to make ourselves feel safer.

data security software
When crime is a concern, we install a burglar alarm. If financial security is a worry, we find a trusted financial institution to assist with investments. In business, data security and data security software are paramount, particularly information about customers and clients who share personal information with us. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it could be devastating.

Because of this possibility, professional processing and mailing companies surround their clients’ data with the equivalent of armed guards. The data security software Bluegrass uses not only protects customer files, but it puts more of the control in our customers’ hands. It allows customers to take action, which makes them more involved in and aware of the security of their data.

We use uSecure and uProtect software. Here are its features:

Data stays encrypted

Typically, encrypted data must be unencrypted to process bills, statements or other mailings to our customers’ clients. With uSecure, our clients encrypt their data and it remains encrypted throughout the entire mailing process. There are no “keys” and no time spent unencrypting.

Clients control security settings for data files

Clients set the parameters on how long their data files are active and valid. For example, our client might set a parameter that makes their files invalid 24 hours after we receive them. That gives us time to process their job and ensures the data files are “shredded” after that deadline.

Auditing features alert clients to breach attempts

An interesting feature of this software is its ability to act like a burglar alarm or a security camera. When a hacker tries to access the files, the system can alert the client, even providing a “picture” of the perpetrator by supplying their IP address.

Constant software upgrades and improvements

Hackers are always at work on new ways to break into files, so it is essential to have specialists on the other side, who are on watch for new threats and are devising new ways to protect data files. Our specialized software is constantly being improved and security measures are always being added.

Check out our white paper, What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Billing, for a deeper dive into the importance of data security

For more information on how our data software protects your files as we prepare mailings to your clients, give me a call.


John Young

Director of Business Development

April 18, 2016

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