Outdoorsy types need sunglasses that protect their eyes, look good and don’t cost a bundle. Nothin [...]

on Jan. 2 2017  

A new year brings new deadlines for your direct mail projects.

on Dec. 26 2016  

A small change, like a new bill format, can create a big difference for you and your customers

on Dec. 19 2016  

We are all enthralled with screens. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. And the biggest of all, 42- and 4 [...]

on Dec. 12 2016  

Sunrise Children’s Services learns the best way to find new donors is by analyzing the old.

on Dec. 5 2016  

Businesses large and small are having a tough time finding good employees. The current low rate of u [...]

on Nov. 28 2016  

One great piece of advice from Bluegrass allowed Smiley Pete Publishing to simplify and speed up dis [...]

on Nov. 21 2016  

People pay bills in many ways but online payment is growing fast.

on Nov. 14 2016  

Intersect is often called upon to take a good idea and make it a better, more workable reality.

on Nov. 7 2016  

If you communicate with all of your donors with the same newsletters, fundraising letters, emails, i [...]

on Oct. 31 2016  

Any ecommerce business can benefit from shopping cart integration.

on Oct. 24 2016  

Most businesses start small, and in their early days, everyone, from the CEO to the CEO’s kids, pi [...]

on Oct. 17 2016  

Switching its monthly bills from a postcard to a standard 8.5-by-11-inch, double-sided bill has been [...]

on Oct. 10 2016  

Four years ago, the Lexington Art League (LAL) started work on a great idea designed to bring local [...]

on Oct. 3 2016  

Sending a fundraising letter? Hire a professional to write it.

on Sep. 26 2016  

Your inventory speaks volumes about your business, but in order to hear what it is saying, you need [...]

on Sep. 19 2016  

In 1998, a year into publishing a monthly neighborhood magazine, Smiley Pete Publishing decided it n [...]

on Sep. 12 2016  

Recent studies show that most Americans write about half as many checks as they did 15 years ago.

on Sep. 5 2016  

Make your company stronger with a marketing plan that supports SWOT analysis.

on Aug. 29 2016  

Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were epitomes of style and elegance.

on Aug. 22 2016  

It may not seem like it, but receiving practices are a big deal.

on Aug. 15 2016  

There are times when businesses are tempted to use direct mail to expose the weaknesses of their com [...]

on Aug. 8 2016  

Companies sometimes postpone making changes in important processes like billing because they don’t [...]

on Aug. 1 2016  

Often, the little things either inspire or infuriate us.

on Jul. 25 2016  

The donate button, donation form and gift acknowledgement are the foundation of any online giving pr [...]

on Jul. 18 2016  

Each year, U.S. businesses lose hundreds of thousands in revenue because of errors in their shipping [...]

on Jul. 11 2016  

“Isn’t direct mail completely old-school?” I get that question a lot, especially at parties.

on Jul. 4 2016  

Did your letters to Santa work?

on Jun. 27 2016  

Facebook video makes marketers smile. Without a big budget.

on Jun. 21 2016  

Focus less on your home page and more on the whole website.

on Jun. 20 2016  

Take the time to do the math.

on Jun. 13 2016  

Little touches make your shipments YouTube worthy.

on Jun. 6 2016  

Direct mail doesn’t always have to SHOUT.

on May. 30 2016  

Our transactional division gets a lot of questions about how we can help companies process, print an [...]

on May. 23 2016  

Social media makes small or large companies mighty marketers.

on May. 16 2016  

Think about all the payments we make monthly.

on May. 9 2016  

Returns. Don’t think of them as a pain, think of them as business promotion.

on May. 2 2016  

Greeting card makers make it cool to be square, with cards that buck the typical rectangular format.

on Apr. 25 2016  

We often take action to make ourselves feel safer.

on Apr. 18 2016  

2016 is the year to leap into interactive digital displays.

on Apr. 11 2016  

If you run a charitable organization, don’t limit spring cleaning to your desk and drawers.

on Apr. 4 2016  

The Beaufort Bonnet Company finds four advantages in having a local fulfillment firm.

on Mar. 28 2016  

Bigger is not always better when it comes to mailing lists.

on Mar. 20 2016  

Want to capture a customer’s attention? Send them a bill.

on Mar. 14 2016  

What's the buzz? It's social media at work.

on Mar. 7 2016  

Put together a band of donors, volunteers and clients to toot your nonprofit organization’s horn.

on Feb. 29 2016  

The Beaufort Bonnet Company can grow again after outsourcing shipping and warehousing.

on Feb. 22 2016  

It's sad when a postcard promoting a sale at your favorite clothing store arrives the day after the [...]

on Feb. 15 2016  

Follow these four rules to keep customers’ confidential information secure.

on Feb. 8 2016  

Not so long ago, your company’s Facebook friends were social media superheroes.

on Feb. 1 2016  

Too much on the fundraising to-do list? Hand off some hats.

on Jan. 25 2016  

Need to speed shipping? The Kentucky region is a “golden” opportunity.

on Jan. 18 2016  

Dear New Year’s Resolution: Well, it was fun while it lasted. Sincerely, January 2nd

on Jan. 11 2016  

Companies often drag their heels about upgrading and improving their billing process.

on Jan. 4 2016  

The most successful organizations are very, very good at telling who they are and what they do.

on Dec. 28 2015  

How much is too much? Or too little?

on Dec. 21 2015  

Your inventory report leads a double life. It can also serve as one of your best marketing tools.

on Dec. 14 2015  

You don’t have to be a mad scientist to clone your customers.

on Dec. 7 2015  

Not offering online credit card payments? It’s time to reconsider.

on Nov. 30 2015  

I pay close attention to companies that build their brand by telling their stories. If you lead a bu [...]

on Nov. 23 2015  

In fundraising, business reply can bring in the bucks.

on Nov. 16 2015  

The shipping news: When the economy gets healthy, more goods hit the road

on Nov. 9 2015  

Need more B2B clients? Look at who you do business with now.

on Nov. 2 2015  

Got an hour? Spend it with a transactional expert.

on Oct. 26 2015  

There are many reasons to optimize your website for mobile viewing.

on Oct. 19 2015  

Believe it or not, your donors receive more than just your fundraising appeals.

on Oct. 12 2015  

Managing and moving your inventory, whether you sell ukuleles or urology supplies, is key to your bu [...]

on Oct. 5 2015  

Capitalize on our love of surprises—send someone a box.

on Sep. 28 2015  

Are you looking for a transactional company to create an online billing system for you?

on Sep. 21 2015  

A few years ago, I didn’t think much of Facebook ads.

on Sep. 14 2015  

Make a wise choice: give donors options.

on Sep. 7 2015  

We know your business “rules,” but what are your business rules?

on Aug. 31 2015  

Repeat after me: repetition appeals to all of us.

on Aug. 24 2015  

DIY is bad business for mailing.

on Aug. 17 2015  

Want clicks? Ditch John Doe and get personal.

on Aug. 10 2015  

A successful fundraising mailing really comes down to four things.

on Aug. 3 2015  

All boxes aren’t equal. That’s why you need a pro to buy yours.

on Jul. 27 2015  

It’s late summer and time for the big sale at your garden shop.

on Jul. 20 2015  

Every industry has its alphabet soup, and the mail business is no different.

on Jul. 13 2015  

A potential customer just signed up to receive emails from your company, virtually opening the door [...]

on Jul. 6 2015