When you think direct mail, catalogs, bulletins and sales announcements usually spring to mind. Whil [...]

on May. 15 2014  

Benjamin Franklin is the man responsible for the title of this blog post. And while we realize that [...]

on May. 12 2014  

While the success of a direct response campaign is easier to gauge than television, radio or outdoor [...]

on May. 8 2014  

Donor acquisition is a constant challenge for every nonprofit, but especially for local organization [...]

on May. 5 2014  

Due to the ever-increasing cost of postage, it is important to keep several cost reduction measures [...]

on May. 1 2014  

One of our clients, a home goods manufacturer, uses Shopping Cart Integration to keep its retail sto [...]

on Apr. 28 2014  

Your donors, friends and patrons are the core of your fundraising success.

on Apr. 24 2014  

Over the past week, I’ve gotten between 85 and 120 emails a day.

on Apr. 21 2014  

Today’s smartphones and tablets make it handy for your customers to check email anywhere, any time [...]

on May. 2 2013  

It is possible that Saturday delivery of mail may be discontinued starting in August. How does this [...]

on Feb. 15 2013  

USPS: Saturday Mail Delivery to End After 140+ Years

on Feb. 6 2013  

Learn how to combine Direct Mail with online business tools such as website landing pages, social ma [...]

on Jan. 31 2013  

Folded Mailer Requirements Have Changed

on Jan. 28 2013  

What exactly do you want your website to do for you?

on Jan. 24 2013  

More and more, people are using iPads, tablets, phones and even e-readers to access the web. It’s [...]

on Jan. 22 2013  

Direct mail is less expensive than broadcast advertising and is more easily measured for gauging ret [...]

on Jan. 11 2013  

It’s a been a year of change here at BlueGrass and we thank all of our great customers for their s [...]

on Dec. 18 2012  

Transpromo- Use the white space on your bills to promote your business.

on Dec. 8 2012  

You don’t have to outspend the competition to outwork them.

on Dec. 6 2012  

Just because it sounds low tech, doesn’t mean that it is.

on Nov. 27 2012  

No one believes more strongly in your cause than you do. Your passion is one of the things that make [...]

on Nov. 20 2012  

Everything else you do in fund raising begins with donor acquisition. The effort must be constant. [...]

on Nov. 14 2012  

Complete or compete? Which is the endgame for you?

on Nov. 13 2012  

Why The Intelligent Mail Barcode is Good News for Commercial Mailers

on Oct. 26 2012  

By using postcards, direct mail, personalized webpages, your website, and search engines, you are su [...]

on Oct. 16 2012  

Whatever your objective, don’t forget to ask for action.

on Oct. 15 2012  

Consider Direct Mail to create visual impact and relevant messages for your next marketing campaign. [...]

on Oct. 2 2012  

How to use Direct Mail to enhance your campaign and generate awareness.

on Sep. 21 2012  

Direct mail is a tried and true way of getting votes in a political campaign. But to get the most fr [...]

on Sep. 13 2012  

Effective execution requires experience. You don’t want to risk your campaign to a partner who is [...]

on Sep. 6 2012  

Use multi-channel marketing to build relationships.

on Aug. 30 2012  

Every bill or statement usually has some extra space. Why not place that space down near the bill’ [...]

on Aug. 7 2012  

Extra space on your bills is a valuable asset that represents a great opportunity to grow your busin [...]

on Jul. 31 2012  

A lot of people still prefer to receive their bills and statements on paper. While it’s true that [...]

on Jul. 24 2012  

Direct Mail Envelope Design

on Jul. 12 2012  

A customer sees your message when they open their mailbox. They see it when they set it down. Other [...]

on Jul. 11 2012  

Why not place a small ad on your bills and statements?

on Jul. 10 2012  

It’s easier than ever to stand out. Be the colorful postcard sitting in their mailbox beckoning to [...]

on Jul. 9 2012  

When was the last time you received a thank you card after a transaction? It’s rare. A hand-writte [...]

on Jul. 6 2012  

Postcards are a tool for reaching customers in an efficient, cost-effective way.

on Jul. 5 2012  

Send potential customers a postcard to introduce them to your website or blog.

on Jun. 21 2012  

Postcards let you target areas of the marketplace where you haven’t gone before or solicit repeat [...]

on Jun. 7 2012  

Variable Digital Printing- marketers are realizing the great benefits of this emerging technology.

on May. 31 2012  

Variable Digital Printing- It’s time you investigated this highly personalized form of marketing a [...]

on May. 29 2012  

Variable Data Printing Video

on May. 25 2012  

Tailor your print messages and graphics to suit the recipient and get a higher response rate.

on May. 24 2012  

Overcoming a bad case of : “Hey Generic Voter”

on May. 17 2012  

Make the message relevant and use what you know about your customers.

on May. 10 2012  

Consider postcards as a quick way to target a message to a specific customer.

on May. 3 2012  

So, how do you move from generic and boring to personal, targeted, relevant and exciting?

on May. 3 2012  


on Apr. 30 2012  

Do you encourage frequent business by compiling customer lists for staying in touch?

on Apr. 30 2012  

Only collect the information you absolutely need. Requiring too much information can keep them from [...]

on Apr. 22 2012  

Churches have been using direct mail to invite neighbors to Sunday services for years.

on Apr. 22 2012  

Multi-Channel Marketing is where it’s at and where it’s going.

on Apr. 22 2012  

Use this guide to help you while planning your next direct mail marketing project.

on Apr. 2 2012  

The 2012 Mobile Commerce and Personalization Promotion provides mailers with an upfront postage disc [...]

on Apr. 2 2012