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What makes our billing service unique

At the heart of our Lexington Accounts Receivable services is our billing and statement processing department where we print and mail thousands of statements and invoices for our customers every day. One advantage that Bluegrass has over other commercial billing services is our ability to co-mingle your mail with other customers’ mail to get you the lowest possible postage rate. These savings can really add up and may even pay for a lot of the costs involved with sending out your bills and statements.

Technology matters

We can process your billing and statements using the latest technology to print, verify and route high volume delivery of your billing, statements and invoices. We manage your database to do selective insertion and camera verification to ensure accuracy. You can rest assured that each of your customers will receive the right statement with the right insert.

We aim for a win-win

Our process can help speed up your incoming cash flow, save money and keep your customers happy. We stay on top of all of the latest trends and make sure that you are benefiting from whatever opportunities are presenting themselves.

Why use Bluegrass for your invoice and statement services?

1. Generate more revenue while doing less work

Our invoice processing and payment solutions are designed to improve your overall billing operation. Your company will save time and collect payments faster by letting us do the work for you.

2. High-speed invoice processing

Get your invoices processed quickly and in the mail fast instead of the time it takes to process them in-house. Invoice printing and mailing is our specialty.

3. Stringent quality control measures

We have a series of quality control measures in place that will ensure the right person is getting the correct information and that your documents get delivered when and how they’re supposed to.

4. Enhance customer communication

Make your monthly billing documents work for you with customized messaging using our transpromotional advertising abilities or add inserts in your invoice and statement mailings.


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