3 Social Media Platforms To Watch In 2022

3 Social Media Platforms To Watch In 2022

Social media trends have shifted over the past couple of years for businesses and brands. The competition on social media is rising every day with the immense amount of content shared daily. This means you need to stand out from the crowd, while also following the trends. Sound confusing? Well, it can be. Instead of going over every trend prediction for the upcoming year, let’s talk about three platforms and one type of content (video) that will make the biggest impact in 2022.


A quick glance at TikTok might have you thinking it’s solely for comedy, dancing, and cute animals. However, with their one billion users, you are guaranteed to find people looking for what you offer.

Short-form video content is becoming more and more popular and TikTok has nailed it. On this app, you can make videos as short as 5 seconds or as long as 3 minutes. They can be funny, educational, emotional, or whatever makes sense for your business. Create videos that tell your story, show your products, or let users get to know your employees. Show a behind-the-scenes point of view or a day in your life video. There are so many ways you can use TikTok to sell and to just have fun! Be on the lookout for trending videos and songs, then come up with an idea to make it make sense for your company’s goals.

The business account, Duolingo, which is a language learning app, is well known for its comedic videos on TikTok. They quickly grew to 1.9 million followers after a viral video that had absolutely nothing to do with their brand. However, they gained followers, likes, and views and that means greater brand awareness. We, here at Bluegrass, landed a new customer from TikTok the first week we had our account! Don’t blow this platform off because you heard from a friend of a friend that it’s for kids. That is a common misconception that will leave you wishing you had jumped on this trend much sooner.


You’ve probably been on LinkedIn for years. Most likely for networking or searching for a job. However, you can use this platform to grow your business as well. LinkedIn is arguably the most popular B2B social media platform. To get started, first make sure you have a company page. Add all relevant and important information such as industry, location, company size, etc. Then visually brand your page so that it stands out and is easily identifiable as your company.

To get noticed and to establish your company as an expert in your industry, create posts that are educational, engaging, and visually appealing. Short-form video, once again, is going to be the most engaging type of post. If you want your followers to turn into your customers, let them get to know you. Promoting your page on your other social media platforms and inviting people to follow your page will help you get the ball rolling and get your name out there. Also, be sure to add your profile link to your email signature. The more ways you promote your page, the more connections you will make. And connections equal leads!


When you hear the word Pinterest where does your mind go? Personally, I think recipes and home décor. Ask someone else and they might say workout routines and motivational quotes. That’s because Pinterest has something for everyone. Seriously, everyone! There is no topic left behind, so why not add to the mix? People flock to Pinterest to gather information, so give them what they are looking for. If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a visual, discovery website where you can view and save images or videos, called pins, that link to information. Today, people often use Pinterest just as they would Google; searching for information on any given subject.

You can create pins that include an image or video, along with a snippet of information, and then link the image to your website or blog to increase traffic while providing information. If you are an eCommerce business, you can link to your product page to boost sales. Another quick way to create a pin is by simply adding a URL that links to the information you want to share. Pinterest will give you options of which image from that web page you want to use and once that is selected, you have a pin. You can also organize your pins by topic to make them easier to locate. The newest feature Pinterest has rolled out is called Idea Pins. If you are acquainted with Instagram or Facebook stories, you’ll quickly see the similarities. Idea Pins are multi-page, video pins that allow you to create fresh, inspiring content and engage with users in a new way. Unlike, stories that disappear in 24 hours, Idea Pins can be saved. From my experience, these pins get the most views and engagement, so definitely put some of your focus there.

Navigating the Trends

There will be many social media marketing trends in 2022, just like in years past. Trying to jump on every trend can be overwhelming and just doesn’t always make sense for your company’s goals. Research trends, watch your own social media insights, and make informed decisions. I hope these ideas will help you choose wisely and have fun! Don’t forget to check us out on all social media platforms at @WeAreBluegrass.

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