4 Ways To Push Your Envelopes

4 Ways To Push Your Envelopes

There are times though when your mail needs more than #10 envelopes. Like when you reach out to customers with a special sale or offer. Or, when you are raising millions for a new research lab on campus. Or, if sending an invite for the annual gala to your strongest supporters.

There are many ways to push your envelopes past predictable. Here are some starters.

Switch up size and shape

An envelope that is a different shape–say, square or extremely long and skinny–pops out in the sea of white envelopes. Remember though that odd sizes typically cost more to mail.

Add splashes of color

What about an eye-catching chartreuse envelope? Or, for an evening event, black or silver? You can also enliven a white envelope with colored stripes or geometric shapes, artwork, color flaps or interesting patterned envelope liners. Need ideas? Visit websites that specialize in invites for weddings and parties.

Dress it up

Using a calligraphy-style font for the address information can be like adding pearls to a little black dress. I saw one idea recently that I really liked–the designer tripled the font size for the recipient’s name, using a handwritten-style font, then stacked the rest of the address below in a smaller, complimentary font. Other ways to add oomph? How about a seal on the back flap or a piece of art reproduced on the front of the envelope?

Make creative use your company logo

Make it clear that the envelope is from your company by using your logo and corporate colors liberally. Instead of sticking the logo in the return address area, blow it up and use all or part of it as an artistic element, swooping across the bottom right corner or adding it to the back flap.

As you explore envelope ideas, it’s always good to talk with your direct mail expert or your rep at the post office. Why? Well, the post office can be kind of picky and even as you get creative, you have to make sure the envelope you design won’t cost a fortune to mail or stand a good chance of being mangled along the way.

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