5 Reasons Your eCommerce Business Should Be on Pinterest

5 Reasons Your eCommerce Business Should Be on Pinterest

It has been 13 years since we were introduced to Pinterest and it’s still one of the most popular social media platforms. To me, Pinterest doesn’t really feel like social media, though. I don’t go on Pinterest to be social. I use Pinterest as a place to get new ideas, search for products and reviews, and create organized boards for each of my interests. I often find myself going to Pinterest before Google when I want information on more visual topics like fashion, home décor, or vacation destinations. 

Pinterest is a safe space amongst the many social media platforms. There isn’t pressure to get followers and likes. You don’t see bullying or negativity. They don’t allow political ads which often foster divisiveness and they are intentional with content moderation. In fact, a majority of Pinterest users say the platform makes them feel positive.

OK, so people truly enjoy Pinterest. How does that benefit you as an eCommerce business owner? Currently, 97% of the top Pinterest searches are unbranded. Because users go to Pinterest for new ideas, they want to hear from you and be inspired by the products you are offering. Businesses of all sizes have already experienced success on Pinterest, and you can too.

Here are the top 5 reasons your eCommerce business will benefit from selling on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest has a highly engaged user base, actively planning for purchases.

There are 433 million users on Pinterest each month and most of them are enthusiastically seeking out products and services to potentially purchase. This creates a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their offerings and target potential customers.

Pinterest states that 83% of weekly users have made a purchase based on the content they saw from companies while perusing the app or website.

5-Reasons-Your-eCommerce-Business-Should-Be-on-Pinterest-inset-2Think Pinterest is only for women? While women do make up a majority of users on the platform, 40% of users are men, and 80% of men who use Pinterest say that shopping on Pinterest leads them to find products that surprise and delight them.

Personalization in marketing will always drive consumers to convert more quickly and Pinterest has mastered this. Pinterest knows what you like and what you might be interested in as a result of your behavior while using the platform and that is what they put in front of you as you scroll your feed.


2. The visual nature of Pinterest lends itself well to promoting products and services.

Most people are drawn to visually appealing content, making Pinterest a great platform for businesses to promote their products through captivating images and graphics. This can also lead to an increase in website traffic as users click on pins to learn more about the product or service being promoted. Pinterest users are often in the mindset of discovery and inspiration, looking for new products, ideas, and solutions. Also, Pinterest pins have a lifespan of six months to a year whereas the lifespan of a Tweet is 15 minutes, and around six hours for a Facebook post.

Pinterest Lens is a feature on the app that allows you to discover new ideas based on a picture you take. When you go to the search bar in the Pinterest app, there will be a camera icon to click on in order to open your phone’s camera (after you give Pinterest permission to access your camera, of course). Once you snap a photo, Pinterest will populate pins related to the item in the photo.

5-Reasons-Your-eCommerce-Business-Should-Be-on-Pinterest-inset-1Do you sell hair or beauty products? Pinterest allows users to search for these products based on skin tone. If you search for lipstick, for example, you will be presented with skin tone ranges to select from. This allows Pinterest to show you lipstick shades that will best suit your skin tone. You may even see some pins that have the Try On button. When you click the button, the front camera will open, and you can see what the lipstick color will look like on you. Not all pins have the Try On feature available, but it’s definitely a fun way to try something new with zero commitment.


3. Users can now shop your eCommerce store and checkout on the Pinterest app.

Pinterest has created another way for consumers to shop your store. Once you have created a business account you will add a data source for your product catalog so that Pinterest can create shoppable product pins for your business. You will also want to apply to the Verified Merchant Program (VMP) to make the most of your Pinterest Shop. This will give you more features and benefits while also showing users that you are a verified business that they can feel safe shopping with.


At this time, only Shopify merchants have the ability to let customers checkout without ever leaving the Pinterest app. Otherwise, the product pin will direct the Pinterest user to your website to complete their purchase.

4. Pinterest ads are well-received by consumers.


On Pinterest, ads are additive. They show up within your feed as a regular pin would. This seamless integration of advertising creates a 2x higher return on ad spend for retail brands. When consumers are searching for ideas and inspiration, as they do on Pinterest, they are not exasperated by an ad. They welcome it and are intrigued by what it has to offer. 

Pinterest advertising allows businesses to target specific demographics and increase their visibility on the platform. Businesses use ads on Pinterest to build brand awareness, gain traffic on and off of Pinterest, drive actions such as signups or online sales, and increase offline/in-store purchases.

Pinterest offers six types of creative formats: standard, video, shopping, carousel, collections, and idea. They also have several guides to help businesses with anything from choosing your audience to automating your budget. You can also find a list of vetted Pinterest Business Partners to work with who have the technical and creative expertise to help drive successful advertising.

5. Pinterest shows people what they want before they know they want it.

Pinterest is an app that is used for inspiration and planning for the future. For this reason, Pinterest puts together an annual presentation called Pinterest Predicts. This presentation is ultimately a prediction of future trends in categories like beauty, auto, finance, travel, well-being, and many more. Pinterest claims a bold 80% success rate for its 2021 trend predictions.


The more often someone is on Pinterest, the more personalized their feed will be. Users often go to Pinterest with no goal in mind, and they leave with new ideas and orders on the way. Perhaps they are planning their best friend’s baby shower and need ideas for a theme or maybe they were scrolling the app and unintentionally ran across a recipe that they know their kids will actually eat. No matter the reason or the occasion, you want to make sure you reach them before your competitors do.

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