5 Tips For Choosing The Right Social Media

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Social Media

Social media gets your blogs read

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are among the paths that your blog can take to get out into the wider world. Here’s a five-point checklist to get your blogs up and out in the social media swirl.

1. Pick social media that works

Be selective about which social media you use to disseminate your blog. The social media platforms you choose are driven by the audience you are trying to reach. I always recommend LinkedIn to B-to-B companies, because it is so business-oriented. Facebook works better for B-to-C companies. Google+ is also a must because it is used mainly for business communications and using it tends to help bloggers become known as experts quicker since Google is the leading search engine. Twitter delivers quick, pithy pieces of information. Pinterest and Instagram are about all things visual, which makes them particularly good for promoting products.

2. Enliven posts with pictures, art, illustrations

Words are just a start. Photos, art, graphs, charts and illustrations make good blogs even better. Studies show that posts that include photos or illustrations are more engaging. One study found that when a photo was added to a tweet, engagement was boosted by one-third.

3. Time your posts for greater engagement

The times of day and days of the week that people use social media vary from one platform to the next. For example, people are more likely to use LinkedIn on weekdays, during work hours. Not surprisingly, Pinterest, which is used by many for hobbies, sees more engagement in the evenings and on weekends. One study noted that Facebook use increases on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

The theory? The closer to the weekend, the more people are thinking about fun instead of work. Do your research and pick your times accordingly. Fast Company has a great infographic to see these “best practice” times at a glance.

4. Use software to automate your posts

Invest in software to automate your blog distribution. I use Buffer and I spend about an hour a week to schedule our blogs using it. Some distribution software also includes analytics, which will help you determine whether the timing of your posts and the different social media that you are using are getting the results you want.

5. Test and experiment

Don’t just assume the studies have it right. There are many variables when it comes to social media and the audiences that use them. Look at the results you are getting and make tweaks to improve them. Social media is always changing; to make the best use of it, you have to be willing to experiment.

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