Targeted Mailing List for B2C: Breaking Down the Basics

Targeted Mailing List for B2C: Breaking Down the Basics

A targeted mailing list is key when it comes to getting a good response to direct marketing mail. So, where and how do you rent a targeted mailing list for B2C?

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Why does my business need a targeted mailing list for B2C?

Few products or services appeal to everyone. Apartment dwellers don’t buy stoves. Why would a non-golfer buy golf clubs? People with 20/20 vision typically aren’t in the market for glasses.

When you use a targeted mailing list, your direct mail is delivered to residents who have the traits that you seek and need in a customer. For example, if you own a fine jewelry store, we might recommend a list that would include people who live in homes valued at $500,000 or more, have an income of $200,000 plus and own two late-model cars.

Targeted mailings can also work well for recruitment and hiring. A hospital that needs nursing staff could mail a postcard about work benefits for nurses —  to  RNs, LPNs or CNAs within a reasonable driving radius of the hospital.

How does this list differ from my “house” list?

Rented lists are designed to expand your customer base. Those who respond in some way (typically about 4.9 percent according to the Data and Marketing Association’s 2018 Response Rate Report), can be added to your house list. That list of existing customers–people who have bought a product or service in the past–is gold. Mailings you send to a house list typically get twice the response (about 9 percent according to DMA) that a rented list does, but renting lists is still essential because it adds to your pool of potential customers. You have to keep prospecting.

What kinds of lists are there?

A residential list, which is based only on where people live, is one type. This geographic list works great for businesses that appeal to a broad spectrum of people in a fairly compact geographic area. Examples? Pizzerias and other restaurants, neighborhood markets, small retail shops, drugstores.

When everyone in a specified residential area is a potential customer, whether it’s a dozen streets or an entire suburb,  opt for a residential list. The upside of these lists is that because you are mailing to every address it is a cost-effective way to mail piece per piece

Consumer lists are another option. This option is an option where you can drill down and make lists incredibly specific, using demographic, psychographic and other factors like hobbies or personal wealth. This type of list is cost-effective too — far, far cheaper than radio or television advertising, which broadcast messages costing thousands of dollars to people who aren’t your audience.

Where does the information come from?

Companies that specialize in compiling mailing lists collect information about consumers. They gather it from all sorts of sources–from property records and auto registrations to magazine subscriptions. Some of the records are public; sometimes people self-report the information by completing a form or questionnaire.

How do I rent a list?

You work with a mailing list broker who helps customers mail to the right people by determining which list is the best choice.

As a mailing list broker, we work with mail list compilers to create and rent mailing lists for our customers. There are a lot of list compilers out there. Because we’ve been at this for decades, we know which are the most reliable and own the best performing lists.

Using information you supply about the goals of your marketing pieces and your intended audience, we review the mailing lists available and customize a list based on desired attributes.

What are the terms for mailing list rental?

This is a rental agreement, not a purchase. You can pay to use a targeted list once or, for a higher cost, multiple times. Multiple-use rental allows you to use a list for one year. That’s as long as we would recommend any list be used since 15-20% of Americans move each year.

If you plan to do one mailing, rent a list for one-time use. In many cases though, it is best to do multiple mailings. Marketing studies show that you have to repeat a message to be remembered. One piece of direct mail isn’t likely to build your brand, drive home a message or get all the responses that you will get from multiple mailings. If you rent a list for unlimited use (one year) and you’ll need to use it about 3 times to make it economical.

More questions?

There’s a lot to share about the value and impact of a targeted mailing list for B2C. If you have other questions, or you’d like to talk about getting a targeted list for your next direct marketing mailing, get in touch. I’ll be happy to tell you more.

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