How Interactive Digital Displays Could Help Your Business

How Interactive Digital Displays Could Help Your Business

Interactive digital displays aren’t just for airports and Marriotts anymore. Prices have fallen for these eye-catching touchscreens, which operate like giant tablets or smartphones. And, they have become so much simpler and easier to set up that small- to medium-sized businesses of every sort will soon be onboard. Where a proprietary server was once required to run them, a web browser can now power an interactive display.

Digital screens have also shifted from static to highly interactive, which makes them appealing to the U.S.’s more than 80 million Millennials.

The question then is how could you use this cool technology to improve your business and advance its goals?

There’s no one answer of course, and we hope this rush to add interactive displays doesn’t become like the early days of the Internet, where a company would create website because everyone else had one, without little thought or care about the site’s design or purpose.

Here are some questions to ask before you jump into interactive digital displays.

How will you use it?

There’s no one way to use an interactive display. Retailers who have shifted to smaller brick and mortar storefronts to lower overhead costs might use one to instantly put more inventory at customers’ fingertips. Companies use these screens in their offices to easily relay information to employees. One fast-food restaurant chain found that customers ordered more at the interactive screen than they did at the counter.

What do you hope it will do?

Do you want to alert customers to sales and specials (and in the process, sell excess or out-of-season inventory)? Or have them sign up for loyalty programs or make reservations or appointments? Tying your display into other systems, like point-of-sale, turns it into a sales generator. Interactive digital displays can help people find their way through confusing places, like a hospital or a college campus, or learn more about a medical condition or procedure.

Where will you put it?

An interactive display must be where people will interact with it. Maybe that is in a lobby, at the end of a shopping aisle or in a waiting room, but it is not in a corner, where few will see it, or high up on a wall, where no fingers can touch it.

Who will develop and manage your content?

Content for an interactive display is like produce in your grocery store. It has to be fresh and constantly restocked. Luckily, since interactive digital displays can now be run with a web browser, anyone who can design, develop and manage a website can also do the same for an interactive digital display.

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