How To Run A Rebate Program Using Shopping Cart Integration

How To Run A Rebate Program Using Shopping Cart Integration

For example, one of our clients uses Shopping Cart Integration to run a rebate program. The company manufactures speakers, amplifiers, microphones and other audio products.

Shopping Cart Integration works for rebate programs

Our client rewards its customers with a free gift (rebate) when the customer buys certain products. For example, a customer who buys an amplifier might earn a free microphone stand. To receive the rebate, customers complete a rebate form, which is mailed to BlueGrass. That information is keyed into a Shopping Cart Integration program created for our client. Using that system, we pull the rebate item from our secure, climate-controlled warehouse and package and ship it to the customer.

Shopping Cart Integration speeds delivery

Shopping Cart Integration poses several advantages for our client. Because the system is so efficient, it speeds delivery of the rebate item to our client’s customers. Most companies promise delivery of rebates in four to six weeks; our client’s customers get their gifts in seven to 10 days. Also, if customers forget to include information required by the rebate offer, the system generates a letter that tells the customer what they forgot to send and asks them to resend the rebate information.

Shopping Cart Integration mechanizes 80 percent of work

Shopping Cart Integration mechanizes 80 percent of ordering and fulfillment. For example, when a gift item or items run low, the Shopping Cart Integration system automatically sends our client an email, notifying them that more inventory is needed. Because the program is so automated, our client spends very little time managing this rebate program.

Shopping Cart Integration allows companies to grow

Thanks to Shopping Cart Integration, the rebate program runs smoothly and efficiently and our client has expanded it. What began as a seasonal offer to boost sales has become a year-round rebate program. The company once offered one rebate item; it now offers six.
For more information about how your business can benefit by using Shopping Cart Integration, check out our resource “How Shopping Cart Integration Saves Time and Money.”

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