How To Save While Shipping Small Packages

How To Save While Shipping Small Packages

That old saying “Good things come in small packages” certainly applies when it comes to shipping small packages.

Let’s say that a year ago, you launched an ecommerce firm to sell high-end ink pens. Business has boomed; last year, you shipped 10-15 orders a day; now, you are shipping 250. I see this kind of explosive growth a lot with small startups.

Great carriers for small packages

Two major carriers, UPS and DHL, are looking for businesses like yours. They offer discounts to companies that ship significant numbers of small packages daily. UPS’s service is called Sure Post; DHL’s is called Smartmail Parcel Plus. Amazon has been using these services for years. Both UPS’s and DHL’s services also ship large packages, but that’s not where the discounts are found.

Companies that sign contracts to have one of these carriers deliver their small packages can save an average of 8 percent to 17 percent but the packages must meet the following requirements:

The packages must:

  • weigh less than 1 pound.
  • be no larger than 12 by 15 by 4 inches.

The final requirement is:

  • Consistent, sizeable volume. Volume requirements vary from carrier to carrier but are typically at least a couple hundred mailings a day. And, you have to have the stats to prove it to the carrier.

All about the DIM

The amount you save on shipping will depend on the exact dimensions of your packages and the quantity that you ship.

So, take a look at what you ship and how much you are shipping. If your product comes in a small (lightweight) package and your daily orders are in the hundreds, you might be able to cut your shipping costs sizably. Check out UPS Sure Post, DHL Smartmail Parcel Plus or give me a call and I can gather some quotes and get back to you.

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