How You Can Monitor Your Mail Delivery

How You Can Monitor Your Mail Delivery

Businesses sometimes worry about whether their bills are getting to their customers, and I don’t blame them. Having a way to monitor your mail delivery would help, right? For the most part, the U.S. postal service is reliable, but there are times when mail deliveries do go awry.

Take a couple of cases earlier this year where mail delivery problems made the news. In Yonkers, 164 complaints about mail delivery were filed in a year. In Queens, a number of residents reported not getting mail for days, including important checks and payments.

How can you monitor your mail delivery?

As business owners, we wonder, “How can we monitor our mail, after it is in the post office’s hands? If there is a glitch, how will we ever know?”

Well, there is a better a way now. At our company, we automatically print an Intelligent Mail Barcode on mail we process. Through that 65-bar Postal Code we can trace individual pieces of mail, which can be a real help if some of our clients’ customers aren’t getting their bills.
We are happy to dig in and use the code to find out what’s happening with a piece of mail or sometimes, a whole street or neighborhood.

It’s one more feature that makes bill processing transparent and it doesn’t cost our customers anything extra.

Scans and Intelligent Mail Barcode help trace mail

Thanks to scans of mail done as it passes through the postal stream and those IMbs, we can check not only on a group of mail–say the mail delivered on one street or rural road–but also on the status on individual pieces.

This service is important for clients that do nationwide mailings, but even if you mail to a limited area, there’s a chance for pockets of problems. This is because the mail is being delivered by multiple mail carriers.

Customers go to USPS with evidence of delivery problems

If our clients begin hearing from customers who aren’t getting their bills, we can look into it. We can provide our customers with the evidence to show that the mail was in the hands of the post office and where the delivery problem probably occurred. Our clients don’t have to go into the post office empty handed. Now they have the evidence to back up their claims of delivery problems and show postal officials proof to back up their claims.

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