Introducing Amplify: Your Integrated Marketing Solution

Introducing Amplify: Your Integrated Marketing Solution

Imagine a direct mail marketing campaign that simultaneously joins with digital marketing to make contact with your prospective clients through multiple touchpoints. It sounds like pure science fiction to be able to observe the customer journey from physical mailer to the digital channel of yourself.

We’re excited to say that Amplify by Bluegrass joins direct mail with digital marketing to create a multi-channel campaign. To put it simply, Amplify is the future of integrative, multi-channel marketing.

Direct Mail Has Never Been More Popular (or More Innovative)

A study by Epsilon showed that 77% of consumers sort through their mail as soon as they receive it. Can you think of a more effective marketing channel than that? Now join digital with direct mail – the USPS reports:

  • 40% conversion rates when digital and direct mail are combined.
  • 68% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased website visits.
  • 60% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased ROI.

What if your direct mail could be integrated seamlessly with your digital channels like never before? At Bluegrass, yours can through our new family of technologies we call Amplify.

With Amplify, there are No Marketing Blind Spots

Amplify intends to build you a custom-tailored, integrated campaign across multiple channels (direct mail, social media, website, and so on) that takes advantage of the newest customer tracking features provided by Amplify.

Today, marketing your business is not as easy as one-size-fits-all. It requires multiple, consistent messages across a few different platforms. The customer journey is a complex one with many dead ends – it’s always been that way. However, with the tools we have at our disposal with Amplify it’s never been easier to track what works and what doesn’t across your campaign.

Amplify is Bringing More Power to Direct Mail

We’ve never seen such an innovative change to direct mail. While it’s always been a robust and useful marketing tool, it always stood alone from digital media. You can indeed integrate direct mail into a multi-channel campaign, but it always functioned as a standalone product of your campaign. It’s exciting to see direct mail become a full-fledged member of the resource-rich digital landscape. Finally, we can see exactly who is engaging with our mail campaigns and even lead them past the printed page and into our innovative digital campaign. Amplify is an exciting and robust new tool that we are excited to introduce to our clients.

Communicate & Track Like Never Before

Amplify is a feature-rich technology that just so happens to benefit from a print marketing component. It combines the digital enhancements of an online campaign with the extreme readability of Direct Mail.
Amplify combines print with digital to deliver the following to our clients’ multi-channel campaigns:

Mail Tracking:

Know exactly when your Direct Mail campaign will arrive in mailboxes with mail tracking. This is useful, whether you need to increase your sales staff or just want to ensure your Direct Mail is getting into customers’ hands.

Informed Delivery:

Integrated clickable, full-color ads in your recipients’ Informed Delivery® direct mail email previews. Better yet – see who clicks on what as well as where that person is located.

Call Tracking:

Amplify can tell you who is calling your business and what campaign led them there. It also will record those customer phone calls for quality assurance without your business needing to invest in any of its own call
tracking services.

Online Follow-Up:

Thanks to the Google network, you can track when a customer browses your website but does not shop and/or complete a form. Your browser will remember this and deliver a follow-up reminder by way of a Google ad shortly after.

Social Media Follow-Up:

Follow-ups aren’t just tracked through Google. Now, Facebook will deliver an ad-based follow-up reminder should your customer leave a shopping cart or a form unsubmitted.


As a marketer, you know that your client list must all have social media accounts; an untapped source you wish you had access to. Thanks to SOCIALMatch that is no longer a problem! Use your existing client list to integrate with your clients’ social media.


The power of digital tracking allows you to receive a list of webpage visitors, allowing you to remarket via direct mail. Through this technology, you can attribute webpage visitors back to your mailing campaign or remarket to organic page visitors and treat this as a new audience acquisition tool.

56% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail marketing

90% of interested people will visit a website before calling

+96% will leave the website without taking action

74% increase in the chance that website visitors will convert after being retargeted with display ads

26% of customers will return to a site through retargeting

Interested in how Bluegrass can help?

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