Maxwell House And Its Brand Strategy

Maxwell House And Its Brand Strategy

In 1917, Maxwell House coined its memorable tagline: Good to the last drop. One hundred years later, the company’s motto remains the same. That is some serious brand power.

Now some might say using the same slogan for a century is stodgy and staid, sort of stick-in-the-mud marketing. Experts know otherwise. Maxwell House’s classic line is like a string of pearls–it is never going out of style. Because Maxwell House has been consistent to its brand across the board–from its marketing style to its message–its brand is immediately recognized.
In marketing, we should all be as unswerving as Maxwell House, especially as the ways we can get the word out about our companies multiply.

Being consistent in all communications–from direct mail to Twitter– and about everything–from what you tell the world about your company’s mission and strengths to what corporate colors you choose–is the key to building a brand that is quickly and easily recognized by customers and clients.

What do you gain by being consistent across all of your marketing channels?

Brand consistency makes it easier to manage marketing

In terms of marketing, there’s a lot to keep track of– the direct mail postcards you send, the Facebook messages you post, your website, your tweets. Having boundaries and rules make it easier to manage marketing because your team will not be going all over the board with design and messages. One logo, one slogan, consistent colors and type styles, a few strong messages, delivered in slightly different ways depending on the marketing vehicle, make it a lot easier to manage marketing.

Quickly capitalize on the power of repetition in marketing

In marketing, repetition is a magic potion. Not only does seeing your brand repeatedly build awareness, it builds credibility. Effective repetition though is more than seeing a brand a couple or three times. Studies show that people need to see a brand and its message at least nine times to remember it. Thanks to social media, you now have more (and less expensive) vehicles for getting your brand in front of your customers’ eyes. And, you don’t have to use all of the marketing channels available to you. Pick and choose those that fit your company’s mission and its audience best. And remember that consistency of visuals and tone is essential to the power of repetition.

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