Power of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Power of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated marketing is, to put it simply, the cumulative and cohesive effort of multiple channels working together as one. Do you know the phrase “two heads are better than one”? The same is true for marketing channels! However, with a truly integrated campaign, you’ll typically see outreach from more than two channels.

If two channels are better than one, then the more, the merrier, right? Not always! You’re not looking for a “quantity over quality” approach. Instead, with the help of a thoughtfully integrated campaign, you’re giving yourself both quantity and quality. Let’s dive into what makes an integrated campaign so impactful.

It Offers Multiple Marketing Mediums

One medium is not enough when it comes to communicating with your audience. The more channels you direct toward your clientele, the bigger the proverbial net becomes. There is a metric we use in our industry known as “ad recall.” To put it simply, it measures the ability of a consumer to remember your campaign. Unfortunately, not all of your audience is ready to commit at the first contact you make with them. Making your ad memorable and able to be recalled improves the chance that someone will make a purchase or commitment. To improve this further, you will want to connect with your audience more than once.

An integrated direct marketing campaign can catch your audience in several ways, which can overlap to increase recall that much more. From direct mail to Facebook to follow-up digital advertising, all of these mediums work together to not only make your message more cohesive but to ensure that it is memorable.

It Raises Your Marketing by Leaps and Bounds

It might surprise consumers, but those of us in the marketing industry are no strangers to the staying power of direct mail. On average, a consumer will hold onto a piece of direct mail for 17 days? In comparison, email and social marketing will typically last a mere couple of minutes apiece. However, when you take advantage of the longevity of direct mail and continue your message via a custom landing, then you’re suddenly introducing your audience to a multi-channel campaign. Adding a digital component gives your already powerful direct mail even sturdier legs to stand on. Even better? You can use cookies on that landing page to then serve that potential customer a follow-up digital and social ads, which have strength in numbers. Integrated marketing campaigns leap out to your audience. Interactive direct marketing campaigns are pervasive, and, if they are innovative, will get your customers talking.

It Offers Strength in Numbers

Of course, it’s possible to do all of this with a “piecemeal” campaign. Maybe you advertise here and there, sometimes via direct mail, sometimes via one or more digital channels. However, the key to this kind of campaign is its name; it needs integration. That is to say; your campaign needs to be cohesive and consistent no matter how many channels you communicate with. An innovative campaign is like a clever piece of music; it flows, and it leads you somewhere you didn’t know you needed to go. A successful integrated marketing campaign offers you strength in numbers; each piece bolsters the other when done well.

Integrated Marketing Isn’t a Race to the Finish

An integrated direct mail campaign takes planning and expertise. It is about reaching new heights to enhance your campaign. We have feature-rich technology focused on print marketing designed to improve your direct mail campaign with digital components. Through Amplify, we can provide you with the ability to run an integrated, multi-channel campaign.

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