The 5 Biggest Social Media Benefits for Business

The 5 Biggest Social Media Benefits for Business

We all know that social media isn’t just a place to post your pet photos, although it’s still a great space for that. Today, it’s an important part of almost every aspect of our everyday lives. We connect with friends and family, share life updates, and even connect with companies.

Social media for small business is increasingly becoming the go-to place to engage your audience. Most of the benefits of social media are easy to access with little experience, they:

  • list your business in a directory-like format,
  • give you easy tools to communicate with your audience,
  • bring that audience into the fold by giving them direct access to you,
  • turn cutting-edge ad campaigns into a point-and-click process,
  • and supplement your website as a research tool for customers.

That’s exactly why we’ve built social media into our integrated marketing solution, Amplify. Whether you’re active or not, social media is central to your business.

Social Media Lists Your Business

When was the last time you clicked through to a restaurant’s actual website? It can happen, but isn’t it true that we’re typically directed to that business’s Facebook page, where their most important information (hours, menu, phone number) are aggregated alongside any recent updates posted by the business?

Social media platforms, notably Facebook, are quickly becoming fine-tuned business directories that integrate seamlessly into your search results. Beyond that, we have sites like Yelp that take it even farther; not only are you treated to the important details about a business (do they currently have a dine-in option?) but also the experiences and photos of diners. Getting your business listed on all of the popular social media platforms means your business gets nearly instant exposure to search engines. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Social Media Allows You to Easily Engage & Communicate with Your Audience

Consumers are turning to social media more and more to engage with their favorite brands both big and small. For one, it’s easier to type out a quick question in a Facebook Messenger box or Twitter DM than it is to muster up the inclination to call a business, sift through their automated phone system, and reach a representative on the other end.

We’re in an era of instant gratification. The modern idea of business engagement has with it that same expectation of instant communication. Having a few people manning your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn during business hours will instantly increase your credibility as a business through quick, responsive engagement. Many of these platforms also have an after-hours “chatbot” function that can answer basic questions without a human on the other end.

Social Media Gets People Talking

Today, the concept of “word-of-mouth” is a misnomer. Most of it occurs online in the form of reviews on Yelp, Facebook, or your Google My Business Profile. Your online reviews can either make or break your business. The most pivotal thing you can do is take control of the narrative by actively managing the way this part of your online reputation looks.

Let positive interactions speak for themselves. Most platforms will allow you to respond to customer reviews where you can thank happy customers or try and turn a negative experience into a positive one. Whatever the case is, the last thing you want to do is ignore the fact that your customers are writing reviews about you online; they are and you should take advantage.

Social Media Gives You the Ability to Run Intelligent Ad Campaigns

I mentioned earlier that our integrated marketing solution, Amplify, takes advantage of social media. Ad campaigns are where social media truly shines for companies trying to broaden their reach. Social media platforms all come with their own advertising tools and while they are simple to use, they can be tricky to use effectively unless you have some prior expertise.

With Amplify, we take advantage of the ease-of-use of social advertising and seamlessly integrate it into a broader campaign to make it multi-pronged, effective, and engaging from wherever your customer enters.

Social Media Supplements Your Websites

Having a business website can be a burden. It requires constant management to keep it looking fresh and it’s not always inexpensive. However, having your own corner of internet real estate is essential for many businesses.

For those businesses that might not need their own website to fall back on, social media can be a great replacement. The truth is, platforms like Facebook cut to the chase; they offer communication tools, list your business’s most important information, and let you keep your customers updated.

Even if you have a business website to call your own you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not keeping a Facebook business page; it’s often the first thing your customers will find when searching for you. Let’s face it; social media, at the very least, supplements your business website.

Social Media is Crucial, Let’s Take Advantage

Social media for small businesses isn’t just important; it’s becoming essential. There are extremely successful businesses right now that exist solely online via platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Social platforms extend your messaging, keep your audience engaged, and offer you tools that, a decade ago, were unheard of. At Bluegrass, I always stress to our clients the importance of a positive social presence. It is perhaps the most impactful thing you can do and its benefits are almost entirely free.

With Amplify, we go even further by developing your brand to span multiple channels of outreach, from direct mail to direct message. I’m sure you’re no stranger to using every resource to your advantage. Let’s talk about social and develop a digital strategy that boosts your brand.

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