There’s More Than One Way To Sell More Sunglasses

There’s More Than One Way To Sell More Sunglasses

Companies that look to us for help with their fulfillment needs often have no idea how many ways we can boost their business.

One of our newest clients, Shady Ray’s, is a good example. Shady Ray’s sells sunglasses for active people. Its shades are shatter-resistant, high visibility and best of all, mid-price, so if glasses are lost or broken they don’t cost a fortune to replace. In fact, when a customer loses or breaks their Shady Ray’s, the company replaces them free (up to two replacements for each pair purchased). It’s a cool company, growing fast, and now that we’ve taken some tasks off its plate, it’s able to grow faster,

Here are some of the things we are doing for Shady Ray’s.

Bluegrass inspects sunglass shipments

Shady Ray’s hired our staff to inspect its sunglass shipments as they arrive at the Bluegrass Integrated Communications warehouse. Using a checklist Shady Ray’s provides as a guideline, we check for all sorts of imperfections. These inspections have cut way down on customer returns and underscore Shady Ray’s dedication to delivering a quality product.

Need packaging? No problem. Bluegrass can buy it.

Before Bluegrass was hired, Shady Ray’s marketing director bought boxes, tissue and other packaging materials. Now, he’s focused on sales and marketing sunglasses, and Bluegrass buys the boxes and packaging. We’re able to get better prices for shipping materials because we have multiple packaging suppliers and we buy in bulk. And, Shady Ray’s says Bluegrass does a better job of packaging than it did.

Bluegrass is generous with its expertise

When clients start telling us about their business and how it works, the hamster wheels in our brains start spinning. One idea Bluegrass had for Shady Ray’s was to create a form for returns. “We hadn’t even thought about doing a return form,” said Chris. “It is helpful from a tracking standpoint–now we know why people are returning a product.” That information is invaluable from a sales standpoint–as reports are compiled based on the information in those forms, Shady Ray’s can learn what customers like–and dislike–about its products.

We’ll grow as our clients grow

Through tours of our warehouse and conversations with our staff, Shady Ray’s has been reassured that as the company grows, we will have the warehouse space and the manpower to grow with it. “As we scale up, Bluegrass can scale up,” Chris said.

Responsive to client needs

Shady Ray’s wanted to be sure that whoever took on its fulfillment was responsive to its needs. ““When we need something done, Sharon and Bluegrass are always very responsive,” said Chris.

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