Transparency In Processing, Printing And Mailing Invoices

Transparency In Processing, Printing And Mailing Invoices

It is hard to relinquish control over certain aspects of your business. Can you really trust a supplier to be as concerned about processing, printing and mailing invoices for your company as you and your staff would be?

One way to earn trust is to be transparent. This is why I am constantly pushing for ways to allow our clients to monitor how work is progressing on the transactional projects we do for them. Most of these projects involve processing, printing and mailing invoices.

The next best thing to being in the office

We’ve just upgraded the portal that allows customers to track their jobs, and now, they can see what is happening, from start to finish. It’s the next best thing to looking over our shoulder. Instead of having to wonder whether their billing project is being printed and mailed, they can log on and follow their project’s progress.

Our latest improvements also allow customers to monitor their mailing down to the individual piece, even after it lands at the U.S. Postal Service.

I recommend that you make sure any company that does transactional work for you offer the same level of transparency.

Here’s a brief explanation of how our portal works.

    • A customer sends us their billing file. The file loads (in minutes) and the customer gets a request, via email, to approve the file. Customers make sure the file has loaded properly by checking various stats, like number of pages or records. If everything is ok, they approve the file.
    • The customer logs onto the portal and, through its dashboard, follows their project through each step of the process. They can make sure we live up to our promise to get billings mailed within 24 hours of file approval. It’s rare that we can’t meet that 24-hour turnaround. If we can’t, it’s usually because of a technical or mechanical issue. If that happens though, we always alert our clients.
    • After the mail is in the hands of the post office, we can continue to trace it because we use Intelligent Mail Barcodes. This can be huge in identifying problems with mail delivery.

In my next blog, I’ll share more about the advantages of being able to look into that last leg of mail delivery.

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