What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

We’ve talked about the more well-known component, digital retargeting. However, did you know that there is a way to retarget your leads using a direct mail component? It’s true; direct mail is one of the most successful ways to communicate with customers (just ask the USPS), so when you combine a sophisticated digital component to it, it shines even brighter.

Maybe it seems complicated or farfetched. Yet, the truth is that integrating a direct mail retargeting piece into your marketing campaign can be a unique, attention-grabbing, and highly effective way to convert website visitors into die-hard fans of your brand.

What Is It and How Does Postal/Direct Mail Retargeting Work?

The concept of direct mail retargeting might feel complex but the premise is simple. When a person visits your website or landing page, they leave a unique identifier behind in the form of browser data. Services like our LeadMatch will connect that browsing data to viable, physical mailing addresses. Finally, you can put a face and a name to the people that visit your website.

So, you have the means of connecting site visitors with mailing addresses. What do you do with that information? Much like digital retargeting will serve them relevant ads pertinent to their time on your website, direct mail retargeting can send them equally relevant direct mail straight to a customer’s mailbox.

When Should I Use Postal/Direct Mail Retargeting?

As mentioned in our digital retargeting piece, on average 97% of website visitors will leave a website without converting. The truth is, the internet is a place for meandering; visitors come in quickly from a myriad of places and will make their exit just as fast. Without a means of reconnecting with them, you stand to lose the majority of your leads well before they convert to sales.

While digital retargeting is a great way of communicating to a lead after they’ve been to your website, the prevalent use of ad blockers can mean that your ads are never even seen. To combat this, why not then integrate a mail component into these retargeting efforts? It’s simple; the more ways you remind a visitor that you’re relevant to them, the more chances you have of gaining their trust and building a relationship.

To answer the question of when to use this, I would say that the choice is up to you. However, when integrated into a larger campaign, you’d be surprised how effective it is.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Mail Retargeting?

There are clear benefits to direct mail retargeting that I’d like to discuss. A thoughtful retargeting campaign is an assist that gets the ball in the net.

  1. Get hard data about your campaign efficacy – when you cross direct mail and digital you gain access to hard visitor data that can help you extrapolate what works and what doesn’t. This is valuable information that you can use to fine-tune any future campaigns and promotions. When your finger is on the pulse, you know what keeps the heart of your business pumping.
  2. Build better relationships with customers – call it fate or serendipity; your customers love it when they feel like their favorite brand is speaking directly to them. In a way, you are; the whole point of a retargeting campaign is not to be annoying with obtuse messaging, it’s to anticipate the needs of a customer.
  3. Deepen your lead potential across all channels – a direct mail retargeting campaign will make every other channel of your integrated marketing that much richer. Something as simple as a 20% off promo postcard sent to someone that found your website would get a lead interacting with your business on three separate levels.
  4. Inexpensively bolster your existing digital campaign – what do you think is the costliest part of the sundae? Certainly not the cherry. When you’ve already done the work to conjure a beautiful integrated, targeted campaign, why not go that extra mile and add some retargeting? The tools required for both digital and direct mail retargeting are inexpensive and straightforward.
  5. Blow your competition away – if you’re integrating digital and direct mail retargeting into your marketing campaign, then you’re instantly ahead of most of your competition in both quantity of outreach and quality. It’s a win-win situation.

Direct Mail Retargeting Blends Tried and True with Digital and New

There are no secrets behind direct mail. It’s been around for ages; it worked back then and it still works today. Integrating a sophisticated direct mail component in the form of retargeting is efficient for you and a pleasant surprise to your leads. Who doesn’t want to get a coupon code postcard in the mail for that online store they just browsed? They call it coincidence; you can call it intended by design.

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