Would You Like To Clone Your Customers?

Would You Like To Clone Your Customers?

If you were a mad scientist, you would simply make new customers by cloning the great folks who already do business with you.

Duplicate customers’ traits

Actually, though, if you run a B2C company, adding potential customers to your direct mail list is a little like cloning. You look at your current customers — where they live, their income, their hobbies, their age, what they read, where they travel — and then have your direct mail company find other people who are like them

Let’s say you run a market that sells local meats and produce. Your business is new and growing, and you want to let more people know about it. Sending a postcard, coupon or flyer to every home within a five-mile radius might seem like a good idea, but I guarantee you will waste a lot of postage and paper if you do. Instead, evaluate the information you have already gathered about your current customers. You might find that the people who shop with you value fresh food and are willing to pay more for it, have an income higher than average, subscribe to magazines about the environment or are involved in volunteer efforts that promote sustainability.

Say “so long” to scattershot mailings

Have your direct mail company search other mailing lists for folks with similar traits and values who live within your geographic area. When you add that select group to your existing mailing list, you cut down on wasted mailings to people who aren’t going to be interested in what you sell. Scattershot, mass mailings are passé — they are ineffective and, considering the increased cost of postage and paper, they are expensive. Targeted mailings will always give you better results. So, start cloning!

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