Don't leave people in the dust - make your website accessible

on Feb. 24 2020  

With warm and friendly messages, invoices become an engaging voice

on Feb. 13 2020  

Get a jumpstart on campaign season by building your political brand

on Feb. 9 2020  

Warm donors' hearts with messages of love on Valentine's day

on Feb. 6 2020  

Want to hit the right audience with your direct mail? Rent a targeted mailing list.

on Feb. 3 2020  

We may be Bluegrass, but we're going green

on Jan. 30 2020  

Make your direct mail more appealing and earn discounts through USPS’s 2020 postage discount promo [...]

on Jan. 27 2020  

DIY fulfillment may not be the best move, here's why

on Jan. 27 2020  

You've got mail

on Jan. 21 2020  

Choosing a paper is one of the first steps you take in your print marketing project

on Jan. 13 2020  

Are you in the B2B market? Look to a business mailing list.

on Jan. 8 2020  

Running for office? Make sure you're set on social.

on Jan. 1 2020  

Looking back on 45 years of Bluegrass

on Dec. 31 2019  

The mail does not run on postal holidays. Make sure you know when they are.

on Dec. 26 2019  

6 ways to enhance About Us pages A major marketing tool

on Dec. 16 2019  

Here’s a resolution for 2020: Make 3 changes to raise more funds for your charitable organization

on Dec. 6 2019  

Your website is your storefront online, be sure your site is optimized for search

on Nov. 27 2019  

QA/QC: What is it, and how can I make sure my providers have this in place?

on Nov. 13 2019  

Getting to know print, guidelines to live by

on Nov. 5 2019  

Nonprofits need a continuous flow of new donors. Invest time and money to find them.

on Oct. 30 2019  

No surprise, shipping costs will go up in 2020.

on Oct. 23 2019  

The holidays are a jolly good time for direct mail marketing.

on Oct. 15 2019  

Carve out time at year end’s to improve your invoice and bring in more payments

on Oct. 8 2019  

Social Media: The Sidewalks of ECommerce

on Oct. 2 2019  

Be a good steward of donors by using a variety of communication tools to build deeper relationships [...]

on Sep. 25 2019  

Get ready now for the 2019 holidays by preparing to get shipments out fast

on Sep. 18 2019  

3 ways to make your direct mailing list far more effective

on Sep. 10 2019  

Want to achieve your best Black Friday/Cyber Monday ever? Use these 8 questions to guide your market [...]

on Aug. 27 2019  

Quick, economical postcards give political candidates an edge when they need to make fast responses [...]

on Aug. 20 2019  

Get your fulfillment plan ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the year’s biggest shopping day [...]

on Aug. 13 2019  

3 Postal Discounts Remain for 2019; Design Your Mail to Save 2 Percent

on Aug. 7 2019  

Ebilling can improve your cash flow by giving customers a payment option that’s faster and more ef [...]

on Jul. 30 2019  

Reach locals by optimizing your digital presence for Local Search

on Jul. 24 2019  

Make the best of Giving Tuesday with a month-by-month plan

on Jul. 17 2019  

ECommerce takes more than a product and website

on Jul. 5 2019  

Every specialty has its own language, and cybersecurity is no different.

on Jun. 25 2019  

Create an email newsletter and watch customer relationships and sales grow

on Jun. 17 2019  

Need marketing intel and insights? Ask your Third Party Logistics (3PL) partner 

on Jun. 10 2019  

It’s wise to diversify, whether you use more than one basket for your eggs or buy mutual funds ins [...]

on Jun. 4 2019  

Print a series of postcards and keep your customers engaged all summer long

on May. 29 2019  

What’s the weakest link in your cybersecurity fence? People.

on May. 22 2019  

Do you know when your website needs an update?

on May. 14 2019  

Reconsidering your current fulfillment solution? You're not alone.

on May. 7 2019  

Fundraising is more than just mailing an annual donation request, look to various donor streams and [...]

on Apr. 30 2019  

A targeted mailing list is key to making political campaign mail effective

on Apr. 23 2019  

Will a third-party transactional partner protect your data?

on Apr. 16 2019  

Your small business doesn't have to have a small web presence

on Apr. 10 2019  

Most nonprofits have a social media presence, but do they all have a social media strategy? Probably [...]

on Apr. 2 2019  

Hiring a third-party fulfillment and shipping professional allows ecommerce distributors to focus on [...]

on Mar. 27 2019  

Bulk mailings go out at reduced rates if your campaign qualifies.

on Mar. 20 2019  

Want to improve your rate of on-time payments? Improve your invoice design.

on Mar. 12 2019  

One touchpoint just doesn't cut it anymore, Integrated Marketing Communications has become the norm

on Mar. 5 2019  

What would you say if I told you there's a free fundraising platform that has helped hundreds of non [...]

on Feb. 26 2019  

When it comes down to it, efficiency in warehousing and distribution is key

on Feb. 19 2019  

EDDM is a cost-effective, easy way to target an audience in a specific area

on Feb. 12 2019  

Invoices shouldn't just collect, they should communicate.

on Feb. 5 2019  

The days when marketing meant buying a half-page ad are done. Today’s effective campaigns use an I [...]

on Jan. 30 2019  

February is the month of love, an emotion expressed very publicly on Valentines Day.

on Jan. 23 2019  

Our fulfillment services are booming, but in a landlocked building our warehouse space needed to gro [...]

on Jan. 15 2019  

This year at Bluegrass, we gave ourselves a late Christmas present: a Super Web brand WEBjet 200D pr [...]

on Jan. 4 2019  

Use messages in monthly invoices to reinforce important information

on Jan. 2 2019  

A new year brings new deadlines for your direct mail projects.

on Jan. 1 2019  

Want to boost your social media game? Start curating content.

on Dec. 26 2018  

Want to raise more money in 2019? Tell more stories

on Dec. 18 2018  

A holiday gift for retailers - tons of sales data.

on Dec. 10 2018  

Here’s a different sort of fitness challenge for the new year: Get your mailing list in shape

on Dec. 5 2018  

A new year makes us think about ways to improve our personal and professional lives.

on Nov. 26 2018  

3 reasons you should curate content to share with your customers and peers

on Nov. 16 2018  

Make your big fundraising event a big success by promoting it across multiple channels

on Nov. 9 2018  

From thank-you notes to coupons to logo items, adding something special makes your shipments standou [...]

on Nov. 2 2018  

People still get excited when they see that glossy catalog in their mailbox

on Oct. 26 2018  

Do you find utility bill payments to be a pain? There has to be an easier way.

on Oct. 19 2018  

Marketing to a large audience group?

on Oct. 15 2018  

If your nonprofit is trying to decide where to focus its social media efforts, dig into the research [...]

on Oct. 5 2018  

Creating a good return policy for orders is one area where new e-commerce businesses often fall shor [...]

on Sep. 30 2018  

Are you an early adopter? Informed Delivery is up your alley.

on Sep. 24 2018  

When your mail doesn’t go through, we can help figure out what happened.

on Sep. 17 2018  

You and your customers benefit when you know more about them.

on Sep. 10 2018  

Fundraising is the lifeline for nonprofits. But how can it be done more effectively.

on Sep. 3 2018