3 reasons you should curate content to share with your customers and peers

on Nov. 16 2018  

Make your big fundraising event a big success by promoting it across multiple channels

on Nov. 9 2018  

From thank-you notes to coupons to logo items, adding something special makes your shipments standou [...]

on Nov. 2 2018  

People still get excited when they see that glossy catalog in their mailbox

on Oct. 26 2018  

Do you find utility bill payments to be a pain? There has to be an easier way.

on Oct. 19 2018  

Does your product or service appeal to different people for different reasons?

on Oct. 15 2018  

If your nonprofit is trying to decide where to focus its social media efforts, dig into the research [...]

on Oct. 5 2018  

Creating a good return policy for orders is one area where new e-commerce businesses often fall shor [...]

on Sep. 30 2018  

Are you an early adopter? Informed Delivery is up your alley.

on Sep. 24 2018  

When your mail doesn’t go through, we can help figure out what happened.

on Sep. 17 2018  

You and your customers benefit when you know more about them.

on Sep. 10 2018  

Fundraising is the lifeline for nonprofits. But how can it be done more effectively.

on Sep. 3 2018  

Is DIY’ing your shipping and handling impeding business growth?

on Aug. 27 2018  

Want to know where your mail went and when it got there? Intelligent Bar Code can supply the answers [...]

on Aug. 20 2018  

If you hire a company to prepare and mail your bills, make sure their system lets you monitor your p [...]

on Aug. 13 2018  

Do you have a plan behind your emails? A real reason to be filling your customers' inboxes? Would th [...]

on Aug. 6 2018  

Odds are, you aren’t thanking your donors enough.

on Jul. 30 2018  

Shipping small packages in significant quantities? Check out two ways to save on shipping.

on Jul. 23 2018  

Standard white business envelopes are like plow horses. They sure aren’t showy, but they get the j [...]

on Jul. 16 2018  

Sending your bills via postcard costs more in the long run.

on Jul. 10 2018  

Personalize your enewsletters and email marketing.

on Jul. 2 2018  

Bring back donor mailing lists that worked in the past and watch results of acquisition mailings ris [...]

on Jun. 25 2018  

If you run an ecommerce business, it is inevitable you will have more merchandise returned than if y [...]

on Jun. 11 2018  

When building your marketing mix, it's like building a menu. You have your staples, but then you can [...]

on Jun. 4 2018  

Need some goals? Be mobile friendly and produce videos.

on May. 29 2018  

Online bill payment benefits you just as much as your customers.

on May. 21 2018  

Christmas in July? It’s can be hard to get a handle on this concept; planning so far ahead just do [...]

on May. 14 2018  

Feeling overwhelmed by Amazon?

on May. 7 2018  

Hooks aren't just for catching fish.

on Apr. 29 2018  

Your bill is your main point of contact with your customers. Is it sending the best message?

on Mar. 13 2018  

Grow your website traffic through SEO.

on Feb. 7 2018  

Want to guarantee fundraising success? Create a fundraising marketing calendar to guide your efforts [...]

on Dec. 21 2017  

Is it time to outsource your fulfillment?

on Oct. 31 2017  

Want to grow your customer base? Build a database of ideal prospects.

on Sep. 12 2017  

Bluegrass handles the transactional (billing) needs of companies large and small.

on Aug. 21 2017  

About 70 percent of U.S. businesses have a website, and most admit it is tough to keep those sites u [...]

on Aug. 14 2017  

Ten of every 100 donors your nonprofit receives gifts from this year won’t donate next year. They [...]

on Aug. 7 2017  

We’ve all pushed shopping carts through the grocery store, and now, statistics show that nearly al [...]

on Jul. 31 2017  

No matter what the project, finding the right tool for the job is important. For marketers, direct m [...]

on Jul. 24 2017  

Follow these tips for billing best practices.

on Jul. 17 2017  

What is email marketing?

on Jul. 10 2017  

Your organization’s supporters are its best friends. And if you know anything about friendships, y [...]

on Jul. 3 2017  

Handing over the goods to an outsider may be more beneficial than you think.

on Jun. 26 2017  

See how direct mail can help you reach your target market.

on Jun. 19 2017  

Follow these four best practices for more effective billing.

on Jun. 12 2017  

Follow these three principles to build a better mobile website.

on Jun. 5 2017  

Figuring out the amount of the average gift from your donor base serves more of a purpose than you m [...]

on May. 29 2017  

Bluegrass sees many ways to help Shady Ray’s sell more sunglasses.

on May. 22 2017  

For biggest payoff, market to your existing customers.

on May. 15 2017  

A bill is one piece of mail your customers are guaranteed to read.

on May. 8 2017  

Nix mixed messages by sticking to your brand strategy.

on May. 1 2017  

Check out mydonorvalue.com

on Apr. 24 2017  

A bigger box will mean a bigger cost.

on Apr. 17 2017  

A little effort into your mailing list will go a long way.

on Apr. 10 2017  

Designing a bill that’s easy to read should be your business’ goal.

on Apr. 3 2017  

Encouraging customers to adopt epayment may seem like an up-hill battle, but it's worth it.

on Mar. 27 2017  

Jump into the brave new world of social media advertising.

on Mar. 20 2017  

Mark your calendar and make plans for multichannel fundraising efforts.

on Mar. 14 2017  

With an eye to its future, sunglass retailer Shady Ray’s hires Bluegrass to inspect its shades.

on Mar. 6 2017  

Fail to maintain your mailing list, and your business might fail as well.

on Feb. 27 2017  

Make your marketing strategy “Good to the last drop”.

on Feb. 20 2017  

Target the Boomers. They're the generation that has most to give and is most likely to give.

on Feb. 13 2017  

For safe shipping, what’s inside the box counts.

on Feb. 6 2017  

As more Americans move, updating your mailing list is a must.

on Jan. 30 2017  

Penalty fees are not a good way to shift customers away from paper bills and into epay.

on Jan. 23 2017  

Your customers use lots of different devices--laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, televisi [...]

on Jan. 16 2017  

Odds are there are some big days on your nonprofit’s calendar. The 5K run on Memorial Day. The w [...]

on Jan. 9 2017  

Outdoorsy types need sunglasses that protect their eyes, look good and don’t cost a bundle. Nothin [...]

on Jan. 2 2017  

A new year brings new deadlines for your direct mail projects.

on Dec. 26 2016  

A small change, like a new bill format, can create a big difference for you and your customers

on Dec. 19 2016  

We are all enthralled with screens. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. And the biggest of all, 42- and 4 [...]

on Dec. 12 2016  

Sunrise Children’s Services learns the best way to find new donors is by analyzing the old.

on Dec. 5 2016  

Businesses large and small are having a tough time finding good employees. The current low rate of u [...]

on Nov. 28 2016  

One great piece of advice from Bluegrass allowed Smiley Pete Publishing to simplify and speed up dis [...]

on Nov. 21 2016  

People pay bills in many ways but online payment is growing fast.

on Nov. 14 2016  

Intersect is often called upon to take a good idea and make it a better, more workable reality.

on Nov. 7 2016  

If you communicate with all of your donors with the same newsletters, fundraising letters, emails, i [...]

on Oct. 31 2016  

Any ecommerce business can benefit from shopping cart integration.

on Oct. 24 2016  

Most businesses start small, and in their early days, everyone, from the CEO to the CEO’s kids, pi [...]

on Oct. 17 2016  

Switching its monthly bills from a postcard to a standard 8.5-by-11-inch, double-sided bill has been [...]

on Oct. 10 2016